Of course she does. Democrats’ contempt for the brave men & women of law enforcement is real. What Dems don’t realize: these radical proposals don’t just hurt police officers. They hurt the communities already disproportionately affected by violent crime.

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Anguished by the loss of lives due to an unfortunate fire at the @SerumInstIndia . In this sad hour, my thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives. I pray that those injured recover at the earliest.

Rep. John Katko: US Capitol attack was ‘much worse than people realized’ -

Here at @PeteButtigieg  ‘s commerce committee confirmation hearing for Transportation Secretary. He has very strong bipartisan senate support already and I look forward to working with him! Great to see @cjglezman  here as well!

In the last week, almost two million people in the UK got their first Covid vaccine Here's how the UK compares to other countries

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Democrats have a lot of good ideas to help people fast, and visibly. They have good ideas for deepening democracy, like the "For The People Act." But if they let Senate Republicans filibuster everything, they will lose in 2022, and they will deserve it.

Biden is in Blue Room for prayer service. “God bless you President Biden and Vice President Harris,” singer says before Star Spangled Banner. Press pool in room for about three minutes.

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the amazing thing about Amanda Gorman is that her delivery was as brilliant as her words themselves

10 million Americans are still out of work, yet President Biden's recent actions on immigration will lead to more competition between citizens and foreigners for the jobs we do have. That's a radical, far-left policy that the American people don't want.