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Representing the State of Texas in the United States Senate.

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ICYMI on @FoxNews: One of the things that @jguaido's government has promised to do is to hold free & fair elections to let the people of #Venezuela have a choice. The choice shouldn't be a leftist communist strongman who is murdering, torturing, and oppressing the people.
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“Nicolas Maduro, and Hugo Chavez before him, are enemies of America. They oppress their people. Maduro is illegitimate...Maduro is using military force to stay in office and he is not the legitimately elected leader of #Venezuela. @jguaido is instead.”
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“Our enemies work with each other, and too often with some of our problematic allies, to circumvent US sanctions by illicitly trading precious metals...My legislation would close these loopholes, which are used by illegitimate regimes to cling to power " —>
Important article by @FrancoOrdonez on efforts to stop Maduro from stealing gold that belongs to the Venezuelan people. Discusses my new legislation to block him.
.@SenatorTester & I introduced a bill that would give qualified members of the National Guard & Reserves a tiered preference for federal civil service jobs. The Military Reserve Jobs Act would help promote hiring of National Guard members & Reservists into the federal workforce.
I will wait to see what specific course of action the president pursues and what legal authorities are cited as a basis for it.
I will continue fighting to secure our southern border.

Democrats’ intransigence has left the president with no other choice but to take executive action. I’m a constitutionalist & have long advocated that every president be bound by the Constitution and federal laws.
This bill does not deliver on the promises we made to the American people to keep our communities safe. Washington Democrats do not want to secure the border, but Texans and Americans do.
I have long called for building a wall as a necessary step in stopping the flow of illegal immigration into our country & defending our border. Indeed, I introduced the #ELCHAPOAct & the WALL Act–2 bills which would offset the cost of completing the wall and securing our border.
The American people gave Congress a clear mandate: #SecureTheBorder & build the wall. These are critical priorities – for Texas and the country.

Unfortunately, this spending bill is a bad deal, and fails to reflect these priorities by not sufficiently securing the border.

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Report: Texas crude oil production breaks 1970s record via @houstonchron
.@SenJohnKennedy brought forward a clean bill that does one thing & one thing only--it pays the salaries of the @USCG. If @SenSchumer hadn't objected that would have passed. @POTUS could have signed it tonight. The paychecks could have gone out right now for every Coast Guardsman
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Today I questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s past censorship of conservative groups. I asked if the same actions had ever been taken against liberal groups, but did not get an answer.
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Today @RepRooney and I introduced an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to impose term limits on members of Congress. The amendment would limit U.S. senators to two six-year terms and members of the U.S. House of Representatives to three two-year terms.
Proud to introduce Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act w . It's time to call the enemy by its name
America’s justice system prevailed today in convicting Joaquín Guzmán Loera, aka El Chapo, on all 10 counts. U.S. prosecutors are seeking $14 billion in drug profits & other assets from El Chapo which should go towards funding our wall to #SecureTheBorder.
The American people gave us a clear mandate: secure the border and build the wall. @SenSchumer & Democrats have a decision to make: shut down the government or put party politics aside & work with us to defend America’s borders. #SchumerShutdown
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The American people gave us a clear mandate: secure the border and build the wall. I have long called for building a wall as a necessary step in defending our border and stopping the flow of illegal immigration into our country.
In 2013 @SenSchumer & Senate Democrats voted for 350 miles of additional border fencing & border security. They've now shut the government down on 234 miles. I think people are asking, if you voted for 350 miles, why would you force a shutdown on 234? #SecureTheBorder
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“What's this fight about? If it’s not about documents, not about Kavanaugh’s credentials, not about his judicial record—what's this fight about? I believe this fight is nothing more & nothing less than an attempt by Democrats to re-litigate the 2016 presidential election.”
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