Trump must've realized vetoing our troops' pay raise in order to defend confederate traitors' honor wasn’t a good message So he found a new complaint for veto-threat-by-tweet Are Republicans still so afraid of his tweets they’ll stand with him to hold up our troops' pay raise?

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Twenty-dollar bill going from Andrew Jackson to Harriet Tubman — one symbol of difference between Trump and Biden. Proposed new design below:

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The American people are saying to Congress: We elected you. Do something. If Democrats do not respond to their pain now, Republicans will win in 2022.

This discriminatory policy had no place in our military and I am glad to see President Biden agrees. Any American who meets the basic requirements to serve should be able to do so.

NEWS: The Biden White House will have an ASL interpreter for the press briefing today and will have one moving forward. It will be accessible via and WH social accounts

Such a shame that Hawley feels “muzzled” — he must feel terrible never to get any privileges or breaks in life.

Press sec. Jen Psaki on the COVID-19 distribution plan: "This is a multi-faceted challenge. It's not just about having the supply, it's also about having more people who can physically put the shots into Americans and it's about making sure we have places that that can be done."

WH briefing announces that it will begin to include an ASL interpreter each day virtually to provide sign language.

Justice Department's internal watchdog will investigate whether any department official sought to have the department overturn President Joe Biden's election win.

On the Eve of the 72nd Republic Day, the Government of India decided to release the first detailed account of the 2020 #GalwanValley  violence. @mannegi1  #OperationSnowLeopard  #IndianArmy