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Mr. Whitaker’s appointment should concern every American—regardless of party affiliation—who cares about the rule of law and justice in our country.
Even if you put aside Mr. Whitaker’s many conflicts of interest and history of hostile comments toward the special counsel’s investigation, his appointment as acting AG is in direct violation of the Constitution’s Appointments Clause.
I commend Senators Blumenthal, Hirono, and Whitehouse for bringing this important lawsuit and shining a bright light on the president’s unconstitutional appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.
Thomas Farr must not be confirmed to a lifetime appointment as a Federal Judge in North Carolina. It’s hard to believe President Trump nominated him, and it’s even harder to believe the Senate Republicans are considering it again.
Farr appealed to the United States Supreme Court which also rejected his arguments and affirmed the District Court’s rulinghttps://t.co/dgcYVY890y.
The court held that “race predominated in both” congressional districts and that the 2011 redistricting “affected North Carolina citizens' fundamental right to vote, in violation of the Equal Protection Clause.https://t.co/5HhwT5qoh5
Farr argued that plaintiffs had “failed to demonstrate that race was the ‘predominant factor’ used by the General Assembly in drawing” the two congressional districts. A U.S. District Court rejected Farr’s arguments.
In Harris v. McCrory, yet another challenge to NC’s 2011 redistricting plan, the plaintiffs alleged that the NC legislature violated the 14th Amendment when it used race as the predominant consideration with respect to two congressional districts redrawn after the 2010 census.
Although the NC Supreme Court agreed with Farr, the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately vacated the state court’s judgment. They remanded the decision in light of Harris v. McCrory/Cooper v. Harris. What did this decision say?
In his arguments, Farr dismissed the challenges as politically motivated and argued that NC had a compelling interest “in preemptively factoring race into its redistricting process” to avoid liability under the Voting Rights Act.
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