Donald Trump / Muslims / Hispanics / African Americans

If Donald Trump takes people's anger and turns it against Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans and women, we will be his worst nightmare.

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Donald Trump / Muslims / Hispanics / African Americans

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“The real story involves Hunter Biden going around the world and collecting large payments from foreign governments and foreign oligarchs.” Peter Schweizer Laura Ingraham Hunter made a fortune in Ukraine and in China. He knew nothing about Energy, or anything else.

“Go across the world and you’ll see either very low interest rates, or negative rates. The President wants to be competitive with these other countries on this, but I don’t think he’ll fire Jay Powell (even if I should!).” We should always be paying less interest than others!

Good morning. The existence of an explicit quid pro quo - aid for interference - isn’t really the thing. If he demanded a foreign government do his political bidding, that’s when he crossed the critical threshold. No need to overthink this.

“What we’re discovering is that the Constitution is not a mechanism that runs by itself. Ultimately, we are a government of men and not law. The law has no force without people who are willing to enforce it.”

Former Trump Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis says the U.S. need to work with allies on Iran. "This is one of those situations where we need our allies, our partners and when you need them, you have to build trust that we have a coherent strategy"

Today, ‘Flower Children’ laid flowers at the grave stones of the British and allied personnel that lost their lives at the Battle of Arnhem. Flowers have been laid at the annual @CWGC  Oosterbeek Cemetery memorial service by Dutch children every year since 1945 #Arnhem75  @ukinnl 

@jaketapper : "To be clear, there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Hunter or Joe Biden, according to Ukrainian prosecutors." @CNNSotu 

The wheels of justice finally caught up with Andrew McCabe for repeatedly lying under oath to investigators. It’s high time he is held accountable for his misconduct. Let us know if you think McCabe should be indicted by clicking HERE:

Is anyone intimidated by this? Sorry @a_chase11 , no one is scared of you and we’re not going to back down to let more kids die. But you should be scared of the influence of @MomsDemand  @AMarch4OurLives  @smartgunlaws  @Everytown  @sandyhook  @Bradybuzz  #EnoughIsEnough 

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Trump says he would have “no problem” with Rudy Giuliani testifying to Congress, which should be fun for the Counsel's office when they inevitably write a memo instructing Rudy not to go to the Hill