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Wall Street

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I’m past my breaking point. So are millions of other moms and dads whose kids go to school every day fearful they will be shot. So I’m going to the Senate floor - right now - to make a motion for the Senate to pass my universal background checks bill. Wish me luck.

Let me get this straight: Our politicians will pass a $778 billion annual defense budget without batting an eye, but we’re supposed to believe we “can’t afford” paid family leave, universal pre-K, or climate action?

Today is a good day to donate to Planned Parenthood and their Action Fund.

Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party are taking people for fools.

Is it time to redefine “fully vaccinated” as three shots?

PELOSI: Sometimes i think [the Supreme Court] needs a session on the birds and the bees

We’re aware of a case of the Omicron variant identified in Minnesota that is associated with travel to New York City. I continue to urge all New Yorkers to get vaccinated, wear a face mask while indoors and in public, and help beat this virus once and for all. Read more:

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BREAKING: @GovRonDeSantis  to recommend Re-Establishing the Florida State Guard

Omicron has been detected in Minnesota, and it’s more important than ever to follow public health guidance. Get the vaccine if you haven't, get a booster if you’re due, and encourage your loved ones to do the same.