Shane Patrick Boyle / Insulin / Pharma

It is a horror beyond words that Shane Patrick Boyle died because he fell $50 short of raising the money he needed for insulin. Insulin was discovered in 1923 and was sold for $1. No one should beg, ration, go bankrupt, or die over it. This is why we are taking on Big Pharma.

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Shane Patrick Boyle / Insulin / Pharma

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(Keep thinking: I’ve a Masters in Public Health; wrote my doctoral dissertation on global efforts to tackle AIDS pandemic; co-authored a book on global health governance; teach MPH courses on health systems & global health & I’m not qualified to lead a national #covid19  effort.)

Reporters love to say it’s the role of the press to hold the government accountable. The idea gives them power. But it’s the role of the voters and their elected representatives to hold government accountable. It’s the job of the press to provide the public information.

Back when I was a White House correspondent, and when Sam Donaldson was before me, we asked aggressive questions. But we were respectful and almost never interrupted or argued with a president. @johnrobertsFox  and a few others still observe such customs. Too many now don’t.

Your health care cannot be tied to your employment. It has to be seen as a human right.

SCOOP: @SBAgov  awarded a $50M contract for coronavirus loan processing to a team including @RocketLoans . * ROCKET LOANS owner DAN GILBERT donated $750k to TRUMP's inauguration & $67k to the '16 GOP convention. ** Trump has called Gilbert “a great friend"

The hero of this crisis is not the president of the United States, but the health care workers who are working each and every day to save lives.

Today I met with @realDonaldTrump  and energy leaders to advocate for the millions of Texans and Americans whose jobs depend on a vibrant energy sector. With oil prices and energy demand declining, our energy producers need access to capital now.

“Success in this fight will require the full, absolute measure of our collective strength, love, and devotion.” Each of us has the power, through our choices & actions, to protect our fellow citizens & rescue the most vulnerable. We’re in this together.

@SBAJovita : "The President has put the nation’s 30 million small businesses front and center.” The #PaycheckProtectionProgram  is up & running, offering nearly $350 billion in forgivable loans to keep companies operational & their workers employed. More:

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To every health care worker in Canada, we say thank you. I’m reminding people again to #StayHome  this weekend to protect our front line workers.