@SenSchumer  attacked me because I wanted the Senate to take the time to hear what was in his $1.9 trillion boondoggle. Now we’re stalled 4 hours and counting because he can’t get his act together?

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Tomorrow, will be chairing high-level meetings to review the prevailing COVID-19 situation. Due to that, I would not be going to West Bengal.

Oxygen shortage at Delhi hospitals; Doctor breaks down on camera. @ShivAroor  #5iveLive  @Ankit_Tyagi01 

The Biden administration inherited four years of dust and denialism on climate action—but that era is over. President Biden is recommitting to ambition, reaffirming science, and reasserting global leadership.

The actual news here is that the NRA, facing bankruptcy, has only $2m to spend. For comparison, Senate candidates were spending $2m A DAY last fall. This “campaign” is a proof point that the political momentum has shifted.

Corporations should not be able to get subsidies from the government while playing “woke” politics. That’s why I’m leading efforts with @SenMikeLee  to revoke the @MLB’s special exemption from antitrust laws that other professional sports leagues do not receive.

Watch LIVE PM @narendramodi 's remarks at Leaders' Summit on Climate

No 10 announces inquiry into leak of private texts between Boris Johnson and Sir James Dyson

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I've been in the Miami area for the past few days and people here wear masks indoors (~95% of the time) but rarely outdoors (~25%) and it's sort of funny to see the expert consensus on this issue evolve to what Florida (and I gather other purple states) has been doing all along.

Letters: Reactions to the European Super League are misguided – football sold its soul to greed years ago

Joe Biden is desperately trying to surrender to the ayatollahs, but they won’t yet accept it. The clock is ticking toward inevitable, abject humiliation.