I spoke to many local law enforcement leaders today. They’re working hard to protect peaceful protestors and our communities and deserve our absolute thanks and respect. Violence against them is unacceptable. We need unity, not more violence.

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Trump has used the courts to bully and avoid accountability his entire life. His consistent goal is not to win, but to delay. Including now. We need legislation requiring expedited consideration and enforcement of congressional subpoenas. For Trump, and for future presidents.

"The executive order I will sign in a few moments will expand our efforts across all of federal government to deliver educational and economic opportunity for Hispanic Americans."

The richest 1% owe 70% of all unpaid taxes. With the money from these tax cheats, we could do all this: 👩🏽‍🎓Tuition-free college 👩‍👦‍👦End child hunger 🚰Clean water for all 🏡Build 500,000 affordable homes 😷Masks and PPE for all 📬Fully fund the Post Office

"The White House's failures aren't just agonizing, they're also inevitable, because the president and his party have grown wholly indifferent to the substance of solving problems."

We believe in a strong educational system that offers choice to every student and family!

Michael Cohen went to the courthouse today expecting to sign papers for home confinement and to pick up his ankle bracelet. Instead he got taken into custody. BOP says he “refused the conditions of his home confinement.”

President @realDonaldTrump  has made historic investment in America's public charter schools—and he will never let them be taken away from the families who choose them.

Have you ever seen a more useless politician than Bill de Blasio? This is just pathetic.