President Biden / Leaders Climate Summit

Methane has 80x more global warming potential than CO2 over 20 years, and emissions of this potent greenhouse gas continue to rise. I'm urging President Biden to include a specific methane reduction target in the NDC and the dialogue at the Leaders on Climate Summit this week.

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President Biden / Leaders Climate Summit

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"The fundamental unavoidable reality at the heart of the [Israel-Palestine] conflict is that there is an asymmetry of power here. One side is the occupier. The other side is occupied." Me, tonight, on why we shouldn't just talk of 'clashes' in Jerusalem:

Republicans seem to think that unemployment benefits make American workers lazy. They imply that Americans would rather sit at home than go back work. They must not know many American workers, because that could not be farther from the truth.

The United States must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the people and government of Israel. I will work with my colleagues to ensure they have the support they need as they defend their sovereignty and respond to these attacks.

Rep. Stefanik voted against the Trump tax bill, citing her support for the SALT deduction.

Utah is home to acres of land rich in archaeological resources & numerous rare plant & animal species. These landscapes are valued access points for national parks & offer unparalleled research & education opportunities for Americans. Congress must act to protect this wilderness.

The recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline is just the latest example of how our nation's cybervulnerabilities can threaten America's critical infrastructure. At ~9:30 p.m., I’ll join @ChrisCuomo  on @CuomoPrimeTime  to discuss what steps we can take to keep Americans safe.

Democrats’ partisan power-grab “election reform” bill is not about voting rights. It’s about letting Washington Democrats control the terms of political debate and all 50 states’ election laws. Republicans will expose this attempted D.C. takeover in tomorrow’s hearing.

"We need to take precautions even after getting vaccinated. Need to think urgently about the approach in India's rural areas. Transparency in Covid-19 data is required": Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, WHO Chief Scientist#COVID19  #Coronavirus  #CovidVaccine  #India  #RE 

The border was under control until President Biden dismantled everything that worked. #BidenBorderCrisis 

Law enforcement officers in Montana and across America put their lives on the line every day to protect our families & communities. This week, and every week, I’m thankful for all that they do. #NationalPoliceWeek