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Ed Markey

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This will not be the last relief package that our families, workers, and economy will need as this pandemic grows. I will continue to fight so that future relief efforts protect our workers, our families, and our planet.

Internet access should not be just a privilege – so many children across this country struggle to get the access they need to learn online during the coronavirus crisis. We need to make equal internet access a right and close the #HomeworkGap .

It is entirely unclear whether, and if so, how, FEMA and this Administration are intending to use the Defense Production Act, even as the chorus of pleas for its invocation from around the country grow louder with each passing day. #COVID19 

Starting soon at 2pm ET! Please use the link below to join me, @greenpeaceusa , and @Janefonda  for a #FireDrillFriday  teach-in on the importance of activism during #COVID19 :

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The people of Massachusetts are aggressively responding to #COVID19 . The entire Congressional delegation is demanding the Trump administration immediately recognize our disaster declaration so we can get critically-needed federal support.

About time. Now, tell us every day: which companies will be making more of this equipment, how much is being made, and where the equipment is going. Our nurses, doctors, first responders, hospitals, and governors deserve this information every single day.

Massachusetts small businesses are fighting for their economic survival as they are forced to close through no fault of their own. The #COVID19  stimulus provides billions of dollars in important relief to keep small businesses afloat during this crisis.

Children are a uniquely vulnerable population online, and inappropriate or unauthorized use of their personal information can result in real harm. Luckily, we have a federal law on the books to protect kids’ privacy.

Make no mistake: COPPA does more than require companies to tell parents about their information practices and get permission from parents to collect children’s data. It also, critically, requires companies to keep any kids’ data they collect secure.

Retina-X Studios clearly failed to meet that statutory standard. I am pleased that the FTC is holding this company accountable, but the Commission missed an opportunity to say loud and clear that if you fail to keep kids’ data secure, you’ll pay a steep price.


Trump says there’s a war on coal iPhones weren't a war on rotary phones, they were a revolution The horseless carriage wasn’t a war on horses, it was a revolution The ice box wasn't a war on salted meats, it was a revolution #cleanenergy  isn't a war on coal, it's a revolution

The brave students & activists at #PolyU  represent the future of a democratic #HongKong . America stands with them, not police who are trying to crush this movement on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. We urge no use of lethal force. #StandWithHongKong 

I will not take a meeting with Brett Kavanaugh. He has been nominated by someone implicated, and all but named as a co-conspirator, in federal crimes. His nomination is tainted and should be considered illegitimate.

Trump’s EPA just ended a key policy under the Clean Air Act. Here are a few of the pollutants you will be breathing more of as a result: Asbestos Arsenic Benzene Chloroform Cyanide Formaldehyde Lead Mercury If you're panicking about this, try to not take a deep breath.

I plan to introduce a Congressional Review Act resolution that would restore the Open Internet Order and reverse the ’s historic mistake of repealing . T #NetNeutralityis  fight is far from over.

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Shame on you. I was 4 miles away at another facility on the same day. No one is being dishonest. These border facilities are a national disgrace, with human beings kept in conditions worse than prisons, children sleeping on floors. These facilities have become edifices to hate.

BREAKING: Chairman Grassley has unilaterally ruled 1/3 of the #Kavanaugh  records to be “Committee Confidential” meaning anyone not on Judiciary Committee cannot see them. That’s 79 Senators & the entire American public. It’s an unprecedented level of secrecy. #WhatAreTheyHiding ?

At the ICE facility I visited, I met a woman from Mexico who has lived here for 18 years. She called 911 after her husband brutally beat her. They turned her over to immigration authorities. She now fears deportation. She has 3 kids. There should be no agency with this mission.

BREAKING: The Senate just voted to restore #NetNeutrality ! We won. To all of those who kept fighting and didn’t get discouraged: you did this. You raised your voices and we heard you. Thank you. Now the fight continues. On to the House!