Senator John Thune

Senator John Thune

Senate Republican Whip. Representing South Dakota. Father. Grandfather. Husband. Sports Fan. Avid Outdoorsman. Hates Shoveling Snow.

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My full statement on being re-elected as the Senate Republican whip ⬇️

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This is the price that Americans pay when leaders aren’t willing to make the investment and have the right policies that support and encourage American energy production.

The Biden administration is STILL forcing toddlers in certain Head Start programs to wear masks. @SecBecerra , this overreaching and outdated policy must end.

For a party that likes to pride itself on compassion, the lack of compassion Democrats and the White House display towards the humanitarian crisis at the southern border is really astounding.

College athletes can benefit from NIL, but outside organizations should not be able to write contributions off their taxes that are used to compensate athletes. My bill with @SenatorCardin  would provide much-needed guardrails to strengthen NIL and protect taxpayer dollars.

The Biden admin going hat in hand to Saudi Arabia & other oil-producing countries is the price for its ongoing assault against American-made energy. In just a few short years, America went from energy independence to this. It’s time to reverse course. 

My new bill with @SenatorLujan  would improve and expedite aid to producers in the aftermath of severe weather events.   These common-sense updates to disaster programs would help provide greater assistance to farmers and ranchers when they need it most.

On Thanksgiving, it’s important to take time to thank God for all of His many blessings. There is so much to be grateful for, and I pray that every South Dakotan has a happy and healthy holiday.


I want to be very clear about this: Not one penny of debt is being “canceled” or “forgiven.” This debt is being transferred from the 13% of the country with student loan debt to the 87% of the country that does not have student debt.

Dropped a new bill today blocking Biden from delaying/canceling student loan debt repayment 👇🏻

Hong Kong’s autonomy is under attack. Recent bipartisan passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act sends a clear statement that Congress stands with #HongKongers  committed to preserving the independence that's made #HongKong  the prosperous city it is today.

We're all hearing a lot in the news, on social media, and in conversations about "social distancing." Here’s a good explanation of what it is and why it WORKS ⬇️

After being briefed on the FBI's seventh background investigation into Judge Kavanaugh, I have seen no corroborating evidence to the claims made against him. It's time to vote, and I will vote to #ConfirmKavanaugh .

My statement on the president’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve on the Supreme Court⬇️. While I look forward to meeting Judge Barrett & learning more about her experience, her resume speaks for itself. She’s an impartial jurist who doesn’t legislate from the bench.

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JUST PASSED: Good to see the Senate work together to pass a bipartisan #NDAA  to ensure our troops are prepared to meet threats posed by major world powers like Russia and China or rogue nations like North Korea and Iran.

Sudan has normalized relations with Israel, making it the 3rd nation to do so this year. The #AbrahamAccords  are providing a historic forum for building trust and fostering peace among neighbors.

Many have been skeptical of China’s lack of transparency surrounding #COVID19 , and new reporting confirms their concealment. Our focus is on our domestic response, saving lives & helping American families. Accurate data informs these efforts.