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The Trump administration is making it even easier for wealthy donors to influence our elections in secret. I want to be completely clear: Money isn't free speech. We have to fight the corrosive influence of dark money in politics until we’re free of it. https://t.co/UpwSihYQ7V
Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court poses a huge threat to the fundamental civil rights of women across America. I talked to @glamourmag about what's at stake—and why every woman must rise up and speak out as loud as she can.

.@realDonaldTrump refused to stand up to Putin.

The Congress controlled by his own party refuses to do their job and stand up to the president.

We need to take back the House and Senate to finally put a check on this president.
If Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, the future of women’s reproductive freedom in this country would come down to the decisions of five men.

Women must fight back against this dangerous nomination with everything we have. Our fundamental civil rights are at stake.
.@LUnderwood630 is going to be a relentless force fighting for working families and health care rights. But she’s facing a tough election and needs our support. Will you give now to elect Lauren to represent #IL14 and help Democrats flip the House? https://t.co/kKGFFDTdk1
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We just witnessed the President of the United States abdicate his national security responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief. When he was given the chance to hold Putin accountable and condemn Russia's interference in our elections, he refused.
With the future of the SCOTUS on the line, we’ve each got to help Tammy meet her critical fundraising goal tonight and stay on track to win, so I’m counting on you to give just $3 to her campaignhttps://t.co/IhiLVvlfco:
@tammybaldwin . has been by our side during some of the biggest fights of this administration. From standing up for affordable health care to opposing Trump’s SCOTUS nomination, Tammy’s voice is one we can’t afford to lose in the Senate.
I'm hitting the campaign trail in WI for @tammybaldwin, and I wanted to tell you why her race is so important: Right-wing groups have already spent almost $10 million to flip Tammy’s seat – they know it could determine control of the Senate.
Your voice at the ballot box has never mattered more than right now. With Senate and House control on the line and the future of SCOTUS at stake, every one of us must get to the polls in November and vote for those who will defend our values. https://t.co/mLqxg4FkwU
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