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U.S. Senator from New York

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Your everyday acts of resistance are so powerful. Your voice matters. Every time you call Congress, organize in your community or speak out for change, you’re making a difference.
I couldn’t be more proud to stand with the LGBTQ community. So honored to have received a 100 on @HRC’s Congressional Scorecard!

Visit https://t.co/Lv98OXwagE to learn more. #HRCScorecard
Access to clean air and clean water is a basic right, and polluters should never be allowed to contaminate that right. To keep our resources clean, we must fight for strong, commonsense environmental standards and preserve regulations like the Clean Water Act.
If you don’t live in Nevada, you can phone bank to reach voters no matter where you are in the country. Every call makes a difference, so follow this link to get startedhttps://t.co/eK7trqe9pY:
Click here to volunteer with Jacky’s campaign team to get her message out on the ground in Nevada: https://t.co/1WG1XCSdYg
Finally, it’s in tight and highly consequential races like this one where even the smallest donations make the biggest impact. Will you send $5 to help elect Jacky and take back the Senatehttps://t.co/qPpVtLAMuB?
For Democrats to take back the Senate in November, we must elect @RosenforNevada. But President Trump is in NV today to campaign for her right-wing opponent, so #TodayWeAct to make an impact where we can in a race this tight – and this important. Here are 3 ways to get involved:
Democrats have always been leaders in modernizing, expanding and improving our health care system – even when it wasn’t politically popular. We can’t let voters be distracted by these last-ditch efforts by Republicans to win votes.
Keep following #TodayWeAct for a new way to get involved and make an impact every day before Election Day.
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Our fight for accountability, justice and progress starts with taking back the House on Nov. 6. @MoveOn is working to elect the candidates who can win back our Democratic majority this November! #TodayWeAct by volunteering to help them do it: https://t.co/2TElPbEX1R
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