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We need Sol’s voice speaking up for equal pay, health care and immigrant rights in Congress. Can I count on you to make sure Sol can get her message to voters and win i #IL04n ? Click here to give $5 or more nohttps://t.co/8FaHvrTPgyw:
But Sol’s primary is just days away, and her team is falling short of the funds they need to win this critical race with no time to spare.
.@solamoresflores is running to be the first Latina ever to represent Illinois in Congress. As a powerful advocate for women, LGBTQ communities and people of color, she knows real change requires diverse voices at the table. And that’s exactly why we need hers in Congress.
Any attempt by President Trump to obstruct Mueller’s investigation is a line that should not be crossed. Many questions must still be answered about Russian interference in our democracy—and they must be answered without interference from the president.
Lauren’s a registered nurse who helped implement the Affordable Care Act. She’ll be a relentless force fighting for families and health care rights. But with only 4 days until her primary, we need to do our part to ensure Lauren has a seat at the table where decisions are made.
If you’re reading this fro #IL14m , VOTE on Tuesday. And if you’re not, I’m still counting on your action: Will you give $5 to help Lauren win this critical race and break down barrierhttps://t.co/CRVloJvjPts?
.@LUnderwood630 is running in a primary against six men to be the first black woman to represent #IL14 – a district that’s never elected anyone other than a white man. She is standing on the front lines of the resistance.
.@louiseslaughter's unmatched kindness, fighting spirit, and deep commitment to our shared values inspired us all. Thinking of her family, loved ones, and the entire Rochester community. Louise, we will miss you terribly.
To the woman who’s fearlessly dissented and defended; who calls on us to fight for progress; and who stands as a powerful advocate, role model and bright beacon for us all: Thank you, Justice Ginsburg, and happy birthday!
Historically low milk prices are creating a crisis for New York’s farmers and rural communities. My new bill would ensure that farmers don’t go bankrupt every time prices drop. https://t.co/v3Vf63xDpS
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