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U.S. Senator from New York

Latest Scoops

On roads and highways across the country, underride crashes kill hundreds of people each year. These tragedies have a simple fix that can help save lives. This week, I introduced legislation to get this done. #STOPunderrides
If we want to be competitive in the 21st-century economy, our students and graduates need to learn skills in the classroom that will put them on a path to the good paying jobs of the future. https://t.co/5kO75tzFHD
Took the family to see the new Star Wars! The boys and I loved it. That’s all I will say!
At 5:30 on a Friday evening, Republicans handed a nice little holiday present to their corporate donors.

See for yourself, this bill is a disaster.https://t.co/7IBOnbQnSg
As Puerto Rico continues to suffer from the devastation of Hurricanes Maria and Irma, it’s clear that we must be doing much, much more to help. Here, @Lin_Manuel writes beautifully about what it will take to help our fellow Americans in need. https://t.co/iuvIbntzqO
We still need your voice in the fight against the GOP tax plan.

Why? It'll kick millions off of health insurance. It's likely to raise middle class taxes—and it could lead to drastic cuts to Medicaid & Social Security, all to repay the GOP's corporate donors.
For those in New York State, your deadline for open enrollment is January 31, 2018, so you have a bit more time, but there’s no reason to wait! You ca #GetCoveredn ahttps://t.co/bVtCo3jTSAt
Today is the deadline to sign up for quality, affordable health coverage in 2018. Go to https://t.co/rJyLTZVTkf to #GetCovered—and make sure to spread the word!
As elected leaders, we should be held to the highest standards. That's why I introduced a bipartisan bill to reform how Congress deals with sexual harassment. Taxpayers shouldn't have to bailout bad behavior from politicians. https://t.co/GWzGE5bxfZ
As of today, over 12,000 DACA recipients have lost their status. This is shameful.

Let’s get to work to pass the #DreamActNow.
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