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I ask myself over and over how Congress could take no action after 20 beautiful children were shot to death at #SandyHook. All of us should be outraged. I’ll never stop fighting for smart gun laws. I hope one day we'll succeed. #HonorWithAction https://t.co/ZWhoF9gPhj
Today I renew my call for Congress to pass our bills to ban bump-fire stocks, which allow semi-automatic weapons to fire like machine guns, and improve our background check system #HonorWithAction.
Five years after the #SandyHook shooting, Congress has done nothing to protect our communities. We must honor the memory of those 20 children and six educators by taking action, not with words. #HonorWithAction
Today is the fifth anniversary of the mass shooting at #SandyHook Elementary School. Twenty children and six educators were slaughtered. I keep a copy of this @NYDailyNews cover in my office because these children are why we fight for commonsense gun safety laws. #HonorWithAction
VENTURA COUNTY: Local assistance centers are NOW OPEN for those affected by the devastating #ThomasFire. Officials are standing by and ready to help. More info: https://t.co/Y9dYpoMWjg
Brett Talley is a profoundly unqualified judicial nominee. He hasn’t tried a single case in a courtroom. He failed to submit 15,000+ of his online posts. He should NEVER have been nominated and he certainly shouldn’t be vetting future nominees. https://t.co/satb8Cub6q
Three cheers for Deputy AG Rosenstein for making clear (again) that he will say NO to the president if ordered to fire Special Counsel Mueller without cause.
I heard Deputy AG Rosenstein’s testimony today. He sees no reason to fire Special Counsel Mueller and says he was the “ideal choice for this task.” I agree.
Climate change is wreaking havoc on the Arctic—why would we put more habitat in jeopardy and accelerate global warming #ProtectTheArctichttps://t.co/0X1zHtYgWM?
There's an awful provision in the #GOPTaxPlan that would allow drilling in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
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