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The firing of Andy McCabe is part of a pattern to root out top law enforcement officials. Special Counsel Mueller must not become part of that pattern. The rule of law and health of our democracy is at stake.
The census must not be turned into a political weapon. That's why we're calling on the Justice Department to answer questions about which Trump administration officials advocated for a question on the census about citizenship status. https://t.co/r0SzJoGZFD
.@SecretaryZinke has stacked his advisory board with hunters rather than conservation experts, a clear bias toward hunting rather than protecting these majestic creatures. https://t.co/uz2d32yLWz
I’ve joined with @SenatorMenendez and several of our Senate colleagues to again call on @SecretaryZinke to permanently ban trophy hunting imports that serve no positive conservation benefit. #BeKindtoElephants
If @SecZinke wants to get serious about addressing the NPS backlog without making the ational parks unaffordable for most Americans, they’ll back our billhttps://t.co/wrqnpPgvYB.
#NationalPark visitors spent approx. $18.4 billion in local economies in 2016, supporting more than 300,000 jobs. This fee increase would make it difficult for many Americans to visit and hurt communities around the parks
@SecretaryZinke . has proposed raising peak season fees at 17 National Parks, including three in Californi @YosemiteNPSa @joshuatreenp: , & @SequoiaKingsNPS .
The fee increase is supposedly meant to address th @NatlParkServicee ’s $11.6 billion maintenance backlog, but the Trump administration also wants to cut the National Park Service’s budget by more than $500 million.
.@SecretaryZinke claims too many people visit our #NationalParks without paying. He’s wrong – free entry passes are only available to active military, individuals with permanent disabilities, children and park volunteers.
I'm so sorry to learn of the passing of Rep. @louiseslaughter. She entered public service at a time when there were few women in the arena and blazed a trial for countless others. You couldn't find a better advocate for women in Congress. My thoughts are with her family.
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