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Acting-Director Mulvaney’s dismissal of the @CFPB’s Consumer Advisory Board is absurd. He must reinstate the board immediately so these qualified professionals, who volunteer their time, can help the @CFPB fulfill its mission to protect consumers from abusive financial practices.
The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing today on efforts to address backlogs in rape-kit testing. It’s clear the Debbie Smith Act is having a meaningful effect and deserves to be reauthorized. Watch the full hearing here:
IMPORTANT: Republicans are taking another step to destroy the judicial nominations process as we know it by confirming Ryan Bounds without approval from home-state senators @RonWyden & . Th@SenJeffMerkleye Congressional Research Service says this has never happened. #CourtsMatter
President Trump’s reckless trade war is hitting our agricultural communities hard. China is a major market for California crops and the president still doesn’t have a plan to get us out of the mess he’s created. We need relief for our farmers NOW!
Every Republican just voted to confirm Andy Oldham to a lifetime judgeship despite his extreme, political record. He’s defended laws that would harm women’s access to health care. He led an effort to overturn the ACA. And he’s fought a California gun safety law. #CourtsMatter
APPLY NOW: We secured $2 billion for wildfire relief for farmers and growers affected by the deadly 2017 fire season. Find more info here on how to apply:
President Trump, you’re WRONG. Here are some people who say Russia is STILL targeting our elections: FBI Director Christopher Wray, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It’s not OK to believe a former KGB agent over your own experts!
We’ve seen this before: a Republican Supreme Court nominee promises to respect precedent during confirmation hearings then proceeds to overturn decades of settled law. Promises from Kavanaugh shouldn’t be enough, we must look at his record. #WhatsAtStake
Marriage equality and a woman’s right to make her own health choices are two achievements that took years in court to win and are built on decades of precedent. We can’t afford to have that work undone by an ideological justice substituting their own opinion. #WhatsAtStake
President Trump promised that his judges would overturn Roe v. Wade and Brett Kavanaugh praised the dissent arguing that Roe was wrongly decided. If he pledges to respect precedent in his hearing, that pledge does not deserve to be taken seriously.
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