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Jorge Sedano

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I just saw the most adorable thing. Two kids out in their front yard playing Happy Birthday on their violins 🎻 to a relative... as that relative listened standing by their car. #SocialDistancing  🥳✌🏼

PODCAST: If/When sports return - should blackout restrictions be lifted? @dennisdoddcbs ⁩ - NCAA Vote on Senior eligibility @champagnennuts ⁩ on WWE Wrestlemania & personal favorites Should your team take a chance on Tua? Listen below

@TropicalBlanket  He was as impactful as anyone on that night. I was standing in the corner tunnel to the right of their bench for the entire game. Was crazy

@SkinnyMcGhee  @TropicalBlanketAlso , Riles going small with UD at center before it was popular. He did it out of necessity bc Shaq was in foul trouble and Zo was gassed... but showed how much he trusted Haslem and allowed Toine to play natural position

Guests today on the radio show... @UCLAMBB  HC Mick Cronin - 10:15am PT @VeniceMase  & @LAIreland  to do our draft - 10:40am @BobbyMarks42  - 11:30am @ESPNLosAngeles 

Kobe and Riles personalities... they might as well be the same person

@LAIreland  @champagnennutsI ’ve got better shooting, defense and can match you on the break. You let me draft The Captain at #6 ! He’s a top 3-4 player of ALL TIME!

PODCAST: @VeniceMase ⁩ & @LAIreland ⁩ join me for an All Time LA Lakers Draft. Drafted 10 man teams. @UCLAMBB ⁩ HC Mick Cronin discusses UCLA’s wild season, his coaching/life philosophy. @BobbyMarks42 ⁩ NBA contracts, timelines

You can make a very compelling case he’s the 🐐 ... period


Michael Jordan was arguably the best ever & got swept out of the first round… twice. You guys out here making fun of LeBron for dragging a lottery team (without him) to the Finals and getting swept by one of the most talented teams in #NBA  history. I mean, do you. I guess.

Kawhi Leonard is a cyborg. Sent here to destroy super teams

I think a cool way to honor Kobe & Gianna would be for the @NBA  to have Team@KingJames  & Team @Giannis_An34  all wear either 24 or 8 jersey’s at the All Star game. Each team wears one of Kobe’s numbers.

Jose Fernandez once saved his own mother from drowning as he escaped to this country. This poor woman must be heartbroken & devastated

The Lakers have a Rondo problem. They can’t hold a lead when he’s in. There... I said it. I know he’s had a great career and he’s arguably as smart a player that’s ever played the game. However, Father Time is undefeated.