Special Agent Cynthia / Oklahoma City / April

Today we remember Special Agent Cynthia L. Brown, who lost her life in the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995.

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Special Agent Cynthia / Oklahoma City / April

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Will someone please explain to me how Arizona Republicans can get away with a recount of votes using a partisan contractor with at least one vote-counter who stormed the Capitol on January 6?

New: A Bessemer, Alabama Amazon employee died Thursday after collapsing at work. He was taken to the hospital after being found in the bathroom of the warehouse, according to people familiar.

Friends, it’s Friday so it must be @TheLastWord . Please join me 10pET @MSNBC 

So enjoyed talking to @djrothkopf  @deepstateradio  about my new book and their kind words about it: "The book itself is a triumph and offers a vital insight into a watershed moment in modern American history."

In 28 of the last 30 years California has had more people leaving than coming in This is due primarily to working class people fleeing to other states Yet somehow California is the model for the kind of government policies Biden & the far left want for the rest of the country

Liz Cheney secretly organized key move to block Trump from using military to overturn election: report

@SecBlinken : It’s not enough simply to defend the rules-based order we have now. We should improve and build upon it.

Rewrite all the public health guidance with the goal of promoting vaccination.

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Another busy and productive week

Like so many working moms, Patty Liu from Seattle, sees child care for what it is: a basic need and a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure. I’ll keep fighting for Patty—and every working parent—to get my child care bill passed.