Sebastian Danzig

Sebastian Danzig

Society needs more individuals like me... Guitarist & organist of fashion-art band @PalayeRoyale. Debut album, Boom Boom Room available almost everywhere!

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Down to the last four bags of @PGtips . I rushed ordered; @PGtips  @YorkshireTea  @RedRoseTea_CA  It is time for a taste test. Who will win?

It is a rainy day here in Los Angeles; time to turn up “Dying In A Hot Tub”, stare out the window and pretend to be in a music video - a sad music video.

I am slacking. I ran 6.5 miles yesterday. Today I just witnessed a man running with no shirt, no shoes and in the rain. Time to rethink my life.

What is wrong with LA? It rains and people lose their minds even more so. A guy is literally washing his car while it is raining?

If you didn’t think this was possible it is possible..... 🙃

“I’m not drinking anymore.” - @AndrewCTE  I’m going to tweet this before Andy wakes up... we all know it is coming.

If Palaye is your top artist on Spotify for 2019; I want to say you are awesome. If you listened to a few Palaye songs in 2019 you are awesome as well. Thank you for making our music apart of your lives. x

“Generation Y, generation why are we - why are we so casual about these casualties?” Massacre, The New American Dream


My surprise birthday turned into a surprise proposal. I love you @LarisaL0ve . My fiancé. 💍❤️😍

Hey @Harry_Styles , When will we get the next record? Sincerely, Yours..... I mean just a fan.

German cops pulled us over. Three cops come on the bus and ask, “Do you have any drugs on the bus.” We answer, “No.” They respond, “Wow. You are boring.”

Boom Boom Room: Side B artwork. Palaye Royale had a vision to create a statement through photography and truly captured our thoughts. “As kids we were too stubborn to come up for air now forever lost boys floating around - in need of nothing besides one another.”

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All I want for Halloween is Ryan Ross to join Palaye.