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Former USC and NFL Quarterback-Host of The Prime Cut radio show on SBNation radio and host of ESPN Radio 97.5 Houston- QB Trainer Instagram:theseansalisbury

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The Cleveland Browns will be as intriguing to watch as any team in the NFL next year! #Browns #DawgPound
One of the things that makes me Lmfao on Twitter is when some dude doesn’t like your opinion on something then proceeds to tell you he’s unfollowing you! GTFOH, I had no clue your punk ass was following me in the first place. My bad :-)! How will I sleep?
He doesn’t want to play football. It’s obvious
@KennyAndCrash @chibbs_1I @brdispatch’m so intrigued with Silver and NFL. We know owners want the owner for them. Silver is so good with players. Not sure owners want that leverage taken away. Good stuff today thx
My Top 5 candy choices!
1) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
2)Kit Kat
3)Nestles Crunch
4)Red Vines
5)Peanut M&M’s

Others receiving votes- Snickers, Sour Patch Kids (watermelon flavor), Peanut Butter M&M’s, 100 Grand Bar, Twix and Junior Mints

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Just offer shelter and a dry place for those who need you and want to know you care. . those who can't get here still need you!
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I’m fascinated why people think Baker Mayfield has to act like other QBs act? Is there some criteria? He thrives with a chip on his shoulder. Screw agendas! He’s changing Browns culture and there is no QB handbook. He doesn’t have to act like others, like it or not. #Browns
Houstonians- I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500(white) truck that i want to give to someone who is desperate and needs it. Yours to keep. #Harvey
I would crawl 10 miles over broken glass to coach QBs at University of Tennessee with that fan base and passion!
The NFL helmet contact rule is by far the worst rule ever to be used in the history of football. It CANNOT and WON’T ever work. It’s unfair and it completely changes the way we are supposed to play tackle football. What group of clowns decided this was good for football? Blows!
So a pastor, #JoelOsteen in Houston, who makes millions of Tax free money and preaches help, won't open his 17k arena for suffering lives?
Why is the overtime rule so difficult to fix, it’s not!
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I’m Devastated to hear my former teammate and dear friend Wade Wilson died of a heart attack today on his 60th Birthday. Wade was one of the best people and funniest guys I’ve ever met! RIP my friend, we had some memorable times. God Bless You!
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