Sean Salisbury

Sean Salisbury

Host of @SSalisburyShow @Sportstalk790 6-10 am Houston IHeart app/ Battlebots Original/ Still a Benchwarmer! Founder---Let It Rip Quarterback Academy. SAG-AFTRA

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Phenomenal human and the NBAs best player

You guys are a phenomenal support and I am so grateful to you for helping me get through the difficult time of losing my mom! Thank you 🙏

Bingo brother. Waffle cone 😂😂😂

So happy for you! Love the way you grind and it’s led to great success🎯👍🔥

I said on my show Friday, why wouldn’t he show up to avoid the fine


If 33 Miners can survive with minimal air underground in Chile for 69 days with limited options, communication and hope then damnit we can sit in our homes or apartments with TV, phones, hot showers and home cooked meals in order to help others who are in danger. Perspective!

I’m big on seeing people succeed but 2020 and this virus have opened my eyes to just how many people root for failure and the misery of others. It’s got to be exhausting. I will continue to count blessings and get joy from people succeeding and having peace!

Maybe this will prevent any of us from bitching about the seat we get on our next fun filled trip! God Bless the greatest military in the world and prayers for safety! ?????

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@dbongino  I guess it’s time for us to head to Apex, NC to get a new Tat, then head to a Dallas to get a haircut and do some work!

Owner Cal McNair not planning on showing up to the introductory press conference of his new head coach, tells me perfectly what this franchise is about. Bush league. No balls. Not committed to winning. If you caused the dysfunction then you address the questions. Accountability!

So, let me get this straight: In college football a young man is wise enough and mature enough and old enough to decide if he wants to opt OUT of the 2020 season but the players don’t get any say on the matter if they want to play the 2020 season? Only suits decide that? Gotcha!

This is as heartbreaking as it gets! This stuff has got to stop. How can i send this young man a gift package to let him know he’s awesome!

I love our country. I love the flag. I love this holiday. I love having family and friends to celebrate with. I love the food. I love our military! I love our freedom! USHappy 4th of July to all of you friends!

Dogs are one of the greatest things to ever happen to humans! They are exactly how humans should be. Compassionate, understanding, and no judgement! What a blessing dogs are to us!