The researchers don’t know why Elvis worms have evolved such sparkly scales, since the animals live in the darkness of the deep sea. “My theory is that it’s an accident.”

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I'm going live! Come game, hang and chat. You never know what (or who) will be on the stream! -->

While it will still be hot by the end of the week, we can at least tone down the humidity a little bit. That means the heat index values won't be QUITE as atrocious. #wfaaweather 

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SUPER EXCITED to be back at work and on air today. At 4pm #afternoonbriefing  returns on @abcnews  TV 📺 and at 6pm @RNDrive  and I am #auspol 

Airline job and teacher licence appeals quashed in 10 days for woman

Ornate tobacco-smoking pipe salvaged during Invercargill CBD demolition

Some economies are bouncing back. But recoveries can easily go wrong

Like can you imagine seeing these “stars” twirl around Jupiter and being like “Whoa dude” (experts do not agree that this quote is from Galileo and in fact may be from this author’s love of Bill & Ted). This is Galileo’s observations in 1610 (410 years ago)

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#StanGrant , who examines what the Black Lives Matter movement means to Indigenous Australians, looks straight into the camera: @4corners  has been on air for longer than I’ve been alive and I’m the first Indigenous person ever to have reported for it.”"

Amazed politicians get away with saying "we're all in this together" when it's such utter, demonstrable rubbish. Sad indictment on the median voter. #auspol 

Also fun fact, Galileo wanted to name the four moons after his patrons, the Medicis, and I have yet to see anyone offer this good a tier on Patreon. It was Kepler who suggested the mythological references we know and love today.