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“Caesarean sections are a life-saving and medically necessary intervention.” But “we need a better understanding of their long-term effects on infants.”

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Mercury completes transit between the Earth and the Sun in rare event

Happy Veterans Day from Tucson! Had a great time with fellow veterans marching in the 100th Annual Tucson#VeteransDay  Parade.

The discovery of 14 mammoth skeletons near Mexico City illuminates the relationship between humans and the Pleistocene animals, researchers say.

First president I met, and interviewed, in Kentucky in 1977. Tough as nails and decent as the day is long. I covered his first State of the Union in Jan. 1978. America felt like one family for a year or two, believe it or not. Get well soon, Mr. President.

Eight thousand years ago, early agriculturalists moved into the lands of hunter-gatherers in Europe. What happened next changed history.

Snowbirds aren't the only group coming to Florida. They're joined by great white sharks.

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Live: Australia prepares for 'catastrophic' conditions as bushfire blazes on

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Gravitational waves are created by some of the most powerful events in the universe

'We are prisoners of the present, in perpetual transition from an inaccessible past to an unknowable future.' - Neil deGrasse Tyson