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@DaithidePaor14  @SimonJohnPalmerS @FairyP0ckmother  @Tweet_Decorry ? What? The question was whether Simon knows there is a fada on that word. He does. He said so. I don't see how any of what you've said above changes that.

I’m not assuming. I KNOW. That’s why he said “he couldn’t find the fada”.

He knows that. Why do you think he said he couldn’t find the fada?

Covid-19: Calls for gardaí to stop ‘shocking’ street drinking from publicans group

“The reality is consumers have been left in a no-man’s land and have seen their rights trampled over without any consideration”

This is possibly one of the most upsetting pieces I’ve read in a while.

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80 percent of the emperor colonies could be gone by 2100 if carbon emissions remain unchecked

Reader question: How much dust falls on Earth each year? Does it affect our planet’s gravity?