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Studying orcas in an aquarium is one thing. But witnessing them in the wild opened new avenues of discovery. #tbt
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Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN that Chicago Police believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the January 29 assault.
If #JussieSmollett orchestrated this scam and claimed he was attacked because he’s black and gay, the real tragedy will be all of the victims of REAL hate crimes whose stories won’t be believed.
Blasts from the past: NASA's incredible photo archives capture 60 years of space travel
This tiger is raising her cubs to be solitary hunters. @bbcamerica #dynasties
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Can dogs tell the difference between a happy owner and an angry one? Evidence suggests the animals are better at detecting human emotion than we may think
In August 2010, the Opportunity rover took a photo of its tracks on Mars. This image features the lovely ripples of small dunes created by the wind. Opportunity took many epic shots like this in its 15 years. Now it’s lost to us.
📸 NASA/JPL-Caltech
The line for @KamalaHarris’ Town Hall in Columbia, SC wraps all around Brookland Baptist Church’s parking lot. And this line is still growing. Looks like it’ll rain any second but that isn’t deterring the crowd
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Almost 30 years ago, our Voyager 1 spacecraft snapped the first-ever family portrait of our solar system — including the image of Earth as just a tiny point of light, known as the “Pale Blue Dot.” Take a moment to cherish the only home we’ve ever known:
After a string of tweets this morning, Trump has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in West Palm Beach. This is his 170th day as President spent at a Trump property golf club.
Watch this frog fish lure its prey—and don't blink
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