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Latest Scoops

“We’ve started to define the road map of depression.” #longreads
A year and a half after a giant iceberg calved, scientists aim to collect seafloor creatures.
This “brings us closer to understanding what consciousness is.”
Chemical bans and captive breeding programs helped falcon populations soar once again.
This marks the first multidrug clinical trial of Ebola therapies.
The fabric can be breathable or insulating, depending on how much you sweat.
Scientists studying depression long held to the idea that depressed brains just needed more of the right chemicals. “We have a very different view now.” #longreads
The discovery of this tumor from the Triassic offers evidence that cancer is “a vulnerability to mutation deeply rooted in our DNA.”
In future class photos, teachers and students may be joined by androids. #longreads
The newfound bowl-shaped object is about 36.5 kilometers across.

The Most Relevant

This robot can do push-ups. It even 'sweats' to keep the motors of its muscles cool.
#OTD in 1967, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, then a graduate student, discovered pulsars. The discovery garnered a Nobel Prize just six years after it was announced in 1968 — but Burnell's supervisor got the prize instead of her. #PulsarWeek
For the first time, scientists have made 2-deoxyribose, the sugar that makes up the backbone of DNA, under cosmic conditions in the lab by blasting ice with radiation.
Stephen Hawking would have turned 77 today. He was a black hole whisperer who divined the secrets of the universe’s most inscrutable objects, left a legacy of cosmological puzzles sparked by his work, and inspired a generation of scientists.
Happy 76th birthday to the world's most famous living physicist, Stephen Hawking!
Scientists have engineered tumor cells to secrete a protein that triggers a death switch in other tumor cells they find. #WorldCancerDay
Once people know how little the U.S. spends on science, they support more federal funding for it:
The seventh row of the periodic table is officially full:
Neuroscientists are a step closer to unraveling the mystery of consciousness.
The “cerebellum has more than half of the neurons in your entire brain. It never made sense that the only thing it confines itself to do is motor coordination.”
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