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If you blow air through sand, it becomes a "fluidized bed," and acts just like a liquid

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Obviously Have I got News... hasn’t been funny for ages. So it’s hardly worth complaining about that. But the *strangeness* of tonight’s episode really was something else.

@RealHughJackman #TigerKingis  reminding everyone to boycott roadside zoos & NEVER use animals as props. Speak out! Post a photo of your experience with a red "X" through it to let your fans know that you pledge to never work with or visit wild-animal exhibitors again!

Feral swine—the offspring of wild boars and domestic pigs—are causing havoc across wide swaths of Canada

This week... 🏡 🌌 A universe of possibilities with #NASAatHome  activities 🚀 🌗 SpaceX selected to deliver supplies to our lunar Gateway 👩‍🚀 🛰️ Shannon Walker of @NASA_Astronauts  added to an upcoming #CrewDragon  flight to the @Space_Station  Watch:

So did the White House complain about the headline of @michelleinbklyn  column headline, and New York Times complied?

Listen to Dr. Fauci — WE NEED TO CLOSE WET MARKETS, NOW! #COVID19  originated in a live-animal market. Everyone's lives are at risk by keeping these breeding grounds for disease open! TAKE ACTION:

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Dear Trump supporters: You will painfully realize that impeachment was a great idea. Painfully, horrifically, tragically, for all of us. Signed, Rest of the country.

I am currently 17 hrs 07 mins 46 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2020:095:000000:2L)

"Droning on" now means something completely different. Follow @DroneRaceLeague  champion @paulnurkkala  on a fast tour my Department in this clip @PlayingwSciencefrom  . [Video: 1 min]

This is what happens when incompetent grifters are in charge. This is on every Trump voter. Federal government spent millions to ramp up mask readiness, but that isn’t helping now