US 10y yields jump as 2 Fed rate hikes in 2023 seem more hawkish than many expected.

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Indian food-delivery app Zomato saw its shares soar 65% on their debut in India and billionaire Jeff Bezos returned safely to Earth after a successful space jaunt. This is week in numbers 👇

“Once the gun goes off, once you get in there and you get in the zone, the crowd doesn’t matter.” The four-time Olympic gold medallist @MJGold  says the lack of spectators at the #Tokyo2020  won’t be an issue, on “The Economist Asks” podcast

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@Teslarati  Large pouch cells undergo significant volumetric changes at high state of charge. Even so, fire risk is probably less than gasoline cars. There are over 200,000 combustion engine car fires every year in US alone. It’s literally in the name.

Wall Street Week Ahead: Big tech companies retake market reins with earnings on tap #ETMarkets  #MarketsNews  #BizNews  #MarketsUpdate 

“The Olympics are tailor-made for winning status on the international stage.”

How to store over 21,000 spent fuel assemblies from the Chernobyl reactors? Watch our video explaining how together with the international donor community we are continuing to make Chernobyl safe.

The power of 19-year-old Lin from both flanks was too much to handle for the 12th seeded pairing of Sharath and Manika

Tokyo posts 1,128 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, with severe cases up 9% to 74