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Had the best time filming with Richard Osman, Paul Hollywood, Jo Brand and Tom Allen on #GBBO extra slice 🍰 love my job ❤️ @ Television Centre, London https://t.co/DLcePU6wUN
Jus re watched terrys leaving speech on the train and started crying in front of strangers 😪 #GBBO
Happy birthday to the greatest aunty in the world!! It feels like only yesterday I was 10 years old stalking you in your bedroom watching you get ready for a night out and using your… https://t.co/Csr98GQ6QN
Throwback Thursday to a pic of my besties!! I know your my best friends because you loved me even when I had eyebrows like that 🤣 As if it’s 9 years since we started university 🙈… https://t.co/bWSv0g13K3
Happy birthday Dec!! Have the greatest day!! ❤️ #birthday https://t.co/VJDJyci9uC
What we gonna watch now the bodyguard has finished 🧐 I know wacky Comedy Central on at 9pm for my super funny friend @joeldommett and Nish’ 2nd series of #joelandnishvstheworld #funny #tv https://t.co/SfkXeSqS8A
Everyone needs a friend like .@joeldommett ❤️
Promise we are in this together!! #mentalhealth #fitness #love #reading ❤️💪🏽☺️

@matthaig1 nervous planet
YouTube - mindfulness meditation or yoga
I’ve been training & also I’ve been… https://t.co/NQmerKQuOg
@Jayne1412 Awwwww she will have an amazing time!! If there isn’t one tell her to create the society, not only will she have fun & open up doors for other dancers, it’ll look great on her CV xx
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