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Getting glitter in your hair at a festival is all fun and games until you’ve had one bath and four showers and you still look like a unicorn 🦄🤣 #festival
So excited to see @Happy_Mondays love wor @officialswr #twistingmymelons 🍉
Whattttt I need to come to the Newcastle show 🙈
Take me back 🙈 Throwback to the #MalibuGames drench ball challenge, living my best life in Vietnam with @MalibuUK for their new #ad. Head to their website to find out how I did! #BecauseSummer ❤️☀️ https://t.co/j7oZs8yrgv
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Awww honestly I am with every aspect of social media
Thanks lovely, just got a bit overwhelming. Just want people to realise it hurts x
It really does, I’m really worried for this generation. Sad thing is majority of the negativity comes from adults 😪
@OliviaDBuck Thanks lovely. Honestly it’s getting really overwhelming and I feel like I need to actually be real and tweet and let people know this rather than pretend everything’s fine. Maybe people will think twice before they tweet ❤️
Thanks my lovely ❤️❤️
I wanted and felt like I had to write that tweet to let you know at the end of the day I’m a 27 year old girl with feelings & a family who get upset also when they see vile comments about my appearance. Something needs to change with our society!!
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