Anthony Scaramucci

You took a lot of money from your supporters on a total scam. Hard to believe how far you will go and how miserable you are.

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Moderna says its current vaccine should protect against the two new strains of Covid that have come from the U.K. and South Africa. Watch the CEO talk about a new vaccine booster shot the company is working on in an "abundance of caution."

5 Ways to Prepare for Higher Taxes Under President Biden | Kiplinger

Canadians face tougher time doing business in U.S. as Biden signs Buy American executive order

“President Biden knows that we have to mobilize in unprecedented ways to meet a challenge that is fast accelerating.” @ClimateEnvoy  John Kerry told a summit of world leaders he regrets America’s absence from the fight against climate change during the previous administration

Hong Kong is unlikely to see a major exodus to the U.K., a top government advisor says

What all those GOP retirements mean for the 2022 Senate map:

-U.S. futures ⬇️ -South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China shares ⬇️ -Tencent shares drop after approaching $1 trillion valuation -Oil declines to $52.71 -Yield on 10-year Treasuries rises to 1.04%

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The topic of my broadcast tomorrow Tuesday January 26th at 10am ET will be: Which Open Questions on Crypto-Currencies, Blockchain and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)? Are Crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, truly currencies?