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Founder, SkyBridge Capital. Host, @wallstreetweek @saltconference & @TMIpod. Author, 'Hopping Over the Rabbit Hole: How Entrepreneurs Turn Failure Into Success'

Latest Scoops

Sderot took another incoming Kassam rocket today. Iron Dome missed. Hit a school. These people are nuts. Enough of the killing if innocents. @netanyahu @POTUS
Have to calm down now with all the @POTUS @realDonaldTrump hatred and report the news. Stop the extreme bias to push out something negative https://t.co/OM8L1LfyDQ
I'm choosing #GoNavy to take home the win at today's #ArmyNavy game https://t.co/GknXYomdSF
Standing firmly by our staunch ally, Israel, and keeping another campaign promise - unlike many of his predecessors https://t.co/62fzK8S2sw
“One man with courage makes a majority” —Andrew Jackson
Awesome book. I know it’s all true. I lived it. @CLewandowski_ @David_Bossie are great men in a foxhole. Many great wins ahead for our team! https://t.co/6nLAqFoLuw
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