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It’s not a 140 or 280 character issue. I will be on @CNN tomorrow at 7:30am @NewDay @JohnBerman Please join us.
Will be joining @cnn @NewDay @JohnBerman tomorrow at 7:30am. Looking forward to it.
We need some liberal to tweet this out so it gets some coverage! Hope they will end the shadow banning on @twitter @jack https://t.co/8L7ysoHGhZ
Important Dates in US History: July 16 1945 successful test of Atomic bomb at Alamogordo New Mexico. July 16 1969 the launch of Apollo 11 to the moon. American science technology and innovation keys to our future. @BeschlossDC
Camp Valor who we really are despite all of the biases. Buy the book today. https://t.co/4VFY1Lz6F2
I hope @AmbJohnBolton and the @WhiteHouse reconsiders.
This is the book series that is going to change the country! https://t.co/igCduojJ0I
No more @TitosVodka left @MarcusBermuda thanks to @DeidreScaramuc2 so back to @JFKairport
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