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Latest Scoops

On behalf of the @ScaramucciPost we will be making a $25,000 donation to The Simon Wiesenthal Center. Hopefully I spelled that right. 😄
I don't fire people for making mistakes. Besides, he is my partner. I fire people for not trying.
We are entrepreneurs and we make mistakes. We carry on. I am not into witchunts. @lancelaifer has my full support. Moving on . . .
Cindy obviously has a crush on me. And I am crushing on her—a little. Many thanks to @seanhannity @PageSix https://t.co/vxYI1Avn4D
I don’t know what this means @PageSix but the sentence is impressive!!
"You have to have the courage to lose sight of the shore, in order to cross the ocean".
Christopher Columbus.
No Kid Hungry Culinary Series at CORE: - New York, NY | Tock fantastic event https://t.co/4cbdEflCdD
Happy Columbus Day. Honor our heritage. Leave the statues alone. https://t.co/cXyMruFuS4
“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
Career: Perserverance

Life: Kindness

Relationships: Forgiveness
@HBinswanger this one . . . The best translation
Bobby Valentine: Mets should hire one of these two guys | New York Post @Mets there is also always Bobby https://t.co/b5r27TwIx1
Ray Kurzweil + Peter Diamandis: Free Webinar https://t.co/W1r501WOIj
Join @raykurzweil + @PeterDiamandis for a webinar on Mind-Boggling Predictions & Dangerous Ideas: Oct 13 @ 11:30a PT
.@claireinhart there is no winning with that sort of attitude Claire! Block me if you feel that way
.@DJCLUE will CLUE join us on the @ScaramucciPost ? Stay tuned.
Ex-Morgan Stanley Fleming in venture to set up wealth management firm this will be a home run. Congrats to Greg. https://t.co/8hWCTo9qZb
Anthony Scaramucci Announces Mystery Media Venture -NYTimes.com find me the best Mussolini picture stat! https://t.co/GUVcvuxusO
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