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This is an incredible account that lays bare how woefully Facebook under funds it's responsibility to police the global community it has created.

Weaponised intelligence and TikTok horror shows harm of social platforms ... a comment piece.

Millennial founders raise first VC fund after three-year struggle

The former National Cyber Security Adviser and privacy experts round on social media platforms for failing to do enough to prevent mass intelligence gathering by Chinese operatives, as the tech giants defend their efforts.

How China's database targeted Australia's space industry

Impact investors raise $70m to back companies that improve society

After the ACCC launched an inquiry @NGillezeau  spoke to local app developers about the pros and cons of basing your business in the territory of two aggressive tech giants.

Atlassian is launching a new $70 million fund to invest in companies building applications for its marketplace.


Atlassian will let its workers do their jobs from wherever they like, even after COVID-19 restrictions have passed, making a new commitment to focus on "outcomes, not clock hours," and to hire talent wherever it resides in the world.

The Australian founder of Rode Microphones Peter Freedman has spent $9m to buy the guitar Kurt Cobain played in the MTV Unplugged show. He's going to tour it around the world to lobby governments to properly fund mental health

NBN CEO Bill Morrow says it is an "honest assessment" to admit that regional Australia can never have broadband as good as cities ... or at least not for the foreseeable future #Estimates 

We're not getting a "gold-plated" NBN, but NBN is getting gold-plated new offices (ok maybe I'm just trouble-making)

The government hack proves it can't keep encryption backdoors safe and should forget its new laws.

Government faces fears it will lose its shirt on NBN

Meanwhile my kids' public school has to resort to begging parents for voluntary donations to pay for such luxuries as classroom supplies and toilet paper.

In just a couple of terms of govt, Australia's tech scene has gone from being lauded and courted by the Prime Minister in the "Ideas Boom" to being swatted aside like it's an over-opinionated teenager who should shut up while the grown-ups are talking