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We are the governing party of Saskatchewan since 2007, led by @PremierBradWall. Honoured to serve Saskatchewan for a 3rd consecutive term.

Latest Scoops

Congratulations to the next #skpldr and Premier of Saskatchewan, @ScottMoeSK. #skpoli
Your winner, in the 5th and final round of voting: Scott Moe

Moe: 53.87% (8075 votes)
Koch: 46.13% (6914 votes)

#skpoli #skpldr
Round 2 of #skpldr voting results:

Koch: 26.42% (4533 votes)
Moe: 26.20% (4495 votes)
Cheveldayoff: 24.49% (4202)
Wyant: 21.56% (3698)
Beaudry-Mellor: 1.33% (228)

Beaudry-Mellor is out of the race. Round 3 coming soon. #skpoli
We’re getting ready to elect our new leader and next Premier of Saskatchewan. #skpldr #skpoli
The next leader of the @SaskParty and Premier of @SKGov will be elected in just over three weeks.

Only $25 for @SaskParty members to attend. Register today >>

On this, @PremierBradWall’s last day in the Leg Assembly chambers, we say #thankyoubrad for your faithful service to the people of Swift Current as MLA and to all Saskatchewan people as Premier. #skpoli
Tomorrow morning, @PremierBradWall will deliver his final speech in the @SKLegAssembly.

We went into the archives and found a clip of his maiden speech in the Assembly, delivered on December 8, 1999.

#thankyoubrad #DecadeOfGrowth #skpoli
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At the close of nominations to be @SaskParty leader and next Premier of Saskatchewan, the official nominees are:




Good@ClarkeforSask luck to all officially nominated candidates. #skpldr#skpoli
The @Sask_NDP have been caught sending (potentially illegal) spam text messages to SK residents - using private cell numbers obtained without consent.

Oddly, link in text msg clicks through to a clip of @WotherspoonT .. is he running to be next NDP leader, or a Nigerian prince?
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"The gift that @PremierBradWall gave to politics in Canada was that he was not afraid to say what was actually, obviously true." - Rex Murphy.

Thanks, Rex, for attending #spconvention17 and paying a great tribute to Premier Wall.

#skpoli #cdnpoli

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