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We are the governing party of Saskatchewan since 2007, led by @PremierBradWall. Honoured to serve Saskatchewan for a 3rd consecutive term.

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Dear PM @JustinTrudeau

We don’t want the carbon tax.

From: the original renegade

#skpoli #cdnpoli

Just in case you saw these ominous @sgeu billboards and were also wondering..

@GregOttenbreit does a great job walking through how the money went back to Sask people. 👏👇

https://t.co/NPYxk5WO63 #skpoli
Our team will continue standing AGAINST a Trudeau/NDP carbon tax and FOR the construction of new pipelines to get our natural resources to market.

The @Sask_NDP proves they are still out of touch with Saskatchewan people. #skpoli
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Our candidate, Gary Grewal, and his team are off to the door-steps tonight.

First official day of the campaign off to a great start! 🙌.

The by-election campaign for Regina Northeast has officially kicked off!

Gary Grewal, along with Premier Scott Moe and the SaskParty team, are standing up for Saskatchewan people against the Trudeau/NDP carbon tax.


Have you seen the billboards by @sgeu asking “Where did the money go? “

2 things:
1. The Leg and people in it aren’t nearly as ominous as they show.
2. We’ve answered this question many times, but happy to again: the money went back to Sk people #skpoli

The @Sask_NDP and their new leader support Jagmeet Singh and his anti-pipeline/pro-carbon tax campaign in BC.

Did we expect anything less? Same old NDP. 👎

#weakleadership #skpoli
Rest In Peace Yogi.

Yogi Huyghebaert - Saskatchewan Party MLA 2000-2016.
Alberta’s Premier has completely distanced herself from NDP ldr @jagmeetNDP due to his anti-oil, anti-pipeline policies.

She called Singh “elitist”, said he‘s forgotten about working people and “thrown them under the bus”

And what about lead@Sask_NDPer ? @ryanmeili#skpoli
If you are in Saskatoon tonight, come join @scotmoe and your local MLAs between 4:30 and 7pm for a free burger 🍔!
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