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We are the governing party of Saskatchewan since 2007, led by @PremierBradWall. Honoured to serve Saskatchewan for a 3rd consecutive term.

Latest Scoops

On this, @PremierBradWall’s last day in the Leg Assembly chambers, we say #thankyoubrad for your faithful service to the people of Swift Current as MLA and to all Saskatchewan people as Premier. #skpoli
Tomorrow morning, @PremierBradWall will deliver his final speech in the @SKLegAssembly.

We went into the archives and found a clip of his maiden speech in the Assembly, delivered on December 8, 1999.

#thankyoubrad #DecadeOfGrowth #skpoli
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At the close of nominations to be @SaskParty leader and next Premier of Saskatchewan, the official nominees are:




Good@ClarkeforSask luck to all officially nominated candidates. #skpldr#skpoli
The @Sask_NDP have been caught sending (potentially illegal) spam text messages to SK residents - using private cell numbers obtained without consent.

Oddly, link in text msg clicks through to a clip of @WotherspoonT .. is he running to be next NDP leader, or a Nigerian prince?
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"The gift that @PremierBradWall gave to politics in Canada was that he was not afraid to say what was actually, obviously true." - Rex Murphy.

Thanks, Rex, for attending #spconvention17 and paying a great tribute to Premier Wall.

#skpoli #cdnpoli

Don’t worry @sskroughriders - we will always 💚 you. Can’t wait for next year! #RiderPride #BEL13VE
Thanks to all @SaskParty members that came to the leadership debate last night in North Battleford, despite the awful weather in the area.

If you couldn't make it, you can watch the video of the debate here: https://t.co/wE9D64H7O5

#skpldr #skpoli
Question 🔟 - last question!! All candidates have committed to balancing the budget, but many in Sask rely on social services, and CBOs provide important services in communities. How will cands manage priority of balanced budget with needs of most vulnerable? #skpldr #skpoli
Question ninnnnnneee: @SaskParty Gov has done well on health care wait times. However, wait times have recently slipped due to a growing and (partly) aging Saskatchewan. What strategy would you advance to drive down wait times again? #skpoli #skpldr
Question 8️⃣: Saskatchewan has both the youngest and one of the oldest populations in Canada. Both groups often want different things (older people want good healthcare and stable retirement & younger enviro, good job and afford house). How will you manage? #skpldr#skpoli
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