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We are the governing party of Saskatchewan since 2007, led by @PremierBradWall. Honoured to serve Saskatchewan for a 3rd consecutive term.

Latest Scoops

The @Sask_NDP received $7,500 from @jjhorgan and the @bcndp during the 2016 provincial election. 🤔

#TransMountainPipeline #skpoli #bcpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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In the 2016 election, we promised to increase funding to @CNIB_Sask. Promise made, promise kept.

See the post-budget reaction from CNIB here >> https://t.co/jjEK8IKi1X
Saskatchewan taxpayers & our energy sector lose millions each & every day our oil can’t be sold at world price, because of a lack of pipeline capacity.

SIGN HERE to tell the Trudeau government we need action NOW to get built: @TransMtn

In #skbudget: Total government expenses are down ⬇️

Funding for front line services is ⬆️

Savings for taxpayers on government car usage ($5 million) and health care administration ($19 million) 💵

Our #skbudget18 includes $523,000 to create a Universal Newborn Screening Program in Saskatchewan. This program will provide a screening test for babies born in SK hospitals to test for early detection of hearing loss.

#skbudget18 includes funding to complete the building of @Childhospitalsk in Saskatoon. The hospital #ontrackis to be completed in late-2019.#skpoli

In contrast, the @Sask_NDP and their leader support a carbon tax.

Promise made, promise kept.

#skbudget18 provides $2.8 million in individualized funding for children with autism. #skpoli
#skbudget18 includes $924 million in funding to improve Saskatchewan’s highways and continue to build critical municipal infrastructure. #skpoli
#skbudget18 follows through on @scotmoe’s promise to add $30 million to education funding. This will help to hire more teachers and staff, in addition to building 2 new schools, and supporting more childcare spaces in the province. #skpoli
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