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  3. supreme court poised to hand trump the victory he's been waiting for since day 1 of his presidency
Supreme Court Poised to Hand Trump the Victory He's Been Waiting For Since Day 1 of His Presidency https://t.co/g4Jm1ZbcD6


Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump got clearances on or around the same day. Dozens of others in White House are still waiting for theirs. https://t.co/Jsep0uz1TX
What a day--Joshua Holt has been released from almost 2 years captivity in Venezuela, and is on his way to DC. Last year, his family told me their story, and showed me his bedroom at home, waiting for him to return one day. Welcome home, Josh! https://t.co/bMCxnf1opX
Today is day 153 of Trump’s presidency spent at a property owned by his company or in his name - and the 114th day he has spent at a Trump property golf course. Today at Sterling, Va
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