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As I was falling asleep my mind drifted to an episode of Taxi called “Nina loves Alex” I remember watching it when it first aired and crying. So I had to watch it again on YouTube @asaleayo ‘s performance is so special
Prettiest dress ever all time #Dolly
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I break for Steel Magnolias
Did conservatives have to fight 4 the right to marry? Have children? Do they get beaten up & murdered 4 their identity? Does the VP want them to pray the conservatism away? Do conservative children kill themselves at an alarming rate bc of how they’re treated at school & home?https://t.co/DgczcPXRhM
@yoda Haven’t for years. I did then. I don’t now. See?
But even then (I thought) I was using it comedically as an ally (liberal bubble bullshit, I know now) ❤️
Last chance to win a trip to LA to get lunch with me, explore our 23andMe reports and maybe find out if we’re related! Support Bright Pink and enter: https://t.co/d0tz8kZHWN #ad
Christine Baranski is pure sex & brilliance in @thegoodfight and it bothers me that this is not acknowledged more. I’M NOT HIGH
I take this back I’ve now watched it thoroughly several times.
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