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Name-checked (lovingly) in this week’s @ILYAmerica episode, up now: @nickkroll @natashaleggero & the great
Tr@JudithLightigger warning: monologue is about my problematic (racist) past. (Not related to Nick, Natasha or Judith!)
*with their faces hanging out (would have better)
What’s gonna happen when beards aren’t popular anymore and it’s all guys walking around with their whole faces out
I’m so happy when I remember to engage my core/ I’m in the middle of age
@rgay U might be right, and if so he is human garbage but it’s also possible (tho I know you’ll never think so) that he was sending it w “OMG sitting next to Roxane Gay.”
I love u & our whole office is so painfully in love w you I know u hate these in ur mentions ok I’ll stop sorry
@davidweissman3 Not at all. Some kind of assault has happened to most women. He first penis I ever saw was my boss’s at a Mexican restaurant when I was a teenager..
Meant to do this for the “losers close-up” but this just comes off as rude! Sorry! (4 secs in on the right)
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