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This has to stop. I will do anything to make this stop. What can I do- where can I give, what… https://t.co/qi7CHHmgzS
Alabama please tell me this isn’t true.
@rgay If it’s any consolation I’ve had an all-Roxane-Gay-all-the-time weekend of reading and it’s been transformative and we have a LOT to talk about Tuesday (deep shit yes but also L&O please)
Positive, real change can’t happen until we all agree on what the basic facts of what we’re fighting over are. Until then, we r blind men & an elephant. Until then, it’s just fighting for fighting’s sake.
The arc of Mather, our white (disenfranchised male) man at a desk. #ILYAmerica
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Barely made news yesterday. Another school shooting in America. Two kids murdered at school. Still no change in legislation, not even a conversation.https://t.co/FjcjPsEqYZ
My take on the rise of nationalism in America. #ILYAmerica
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This week I interviewed my friendo, @pattonoswalt. #ILYAmerica
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I hitchhiked in NYC with just a camera, a mic, and a thumb. #ILYAmerica
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Yo @MSNBC ur gonna let Mr Pizzagate be ur moral compass? Sam made a sharp, satirical joke about the hypocrisy of the left defending a child rapist in a tweet from 8 YRS AGO - B4 most of us even woke up. U just helped silence another progressive in pursuit of electing Roy Moore
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