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That’s good but they’re still in bed w big oil JOIN A CREDIT UNION
I love @2DopeQueens so
Whoa just caught myself in the middle of an actual victory lap around my apartment w my arms up and everything no occasion wasn’t sure if I should see it through but stopped & tweeted about it instead
Im gonna have a pufferooni so feel free to keep that in mind when reading any subsequent tweets tonight. Though most of the time I’m clear as a bell. A stoned bell.
FINALLY Kate Bush’s vision for this song is realized❤️
Jus realized I’m dum
@IAMMGraham Oh- I was saying that being able to buy an AR15 at 18 is cray & that even car rental places know it’s too risky to rent their property to someone until they’ve been driving for a good 9 years. Even tho they’d rent more cars w a lower age, they don’t...
Wow you hold office. Crazy world. Okay- u seem to be intimating that universal health care & vegetarianism lead to genicode. I would propose that banning people bc of their religion, or deporting brown people for whom America is their only home is a lil more... down that path?https://t.co/TogH5VHomM
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