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Sara Bareilles

lady who lives. believes in being nice more than being a dick. aims to find like minded people in that regard. also, she loves when the

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One of my favorite humans is doing something amazing. Support this courageous unicorn on his wildly ambitious magic mission.

Seat mate. Soul mate. Check and check. @gavincreel  @WaitressLondon  here we come!

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I am so excited to see you London. Can’t wait to be with the company of @WaitressLondon  and to try and remember where the props go.

Happy Friday! Excited to share the @daveaude  NO SUCH THING remix with you just in time for the weekend!

yes they did thank you soooooo much!! how unbelievably kind!!!

Sweet ones! Had to rest today between shows! Sorry to miss the stage door. Sending love and thank you for being a WONDERFUL audience! ❤️❤️🤸🏽‍♂️

hi. you are loved. everything is going to be okay. Keep going. nothing you can't handle. go git em. xo

Leave this all here. Go out into the world today and see something that's been waiting for you to see. bye bye beauties. off to wander. x

Ready for show number twooooooo! C'mon wednesday night. you ready for this?

I love you. Don’t forget to love yourself too. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the human shaped hearts out there. ❤️🤸🏽‍♂️


You matter to me. I promise you do. You matter too. I promise you do, you'll see. You matter to me. #WorldSuicidePreventionDay 

Drugs are fucking lame and false and take beauty away from the world. And anyone who tells you different is just plain wrong.

I can only hope that we can heal the cancer of hatred that has been exposed. It was here the whole time. Let the work begin. Choose love. ?

bye everyone. going to be weeping forever and ever. ?❤️????

Thank you for the sparkle, the screaming, the twinkle, the dreaming, and most of all the pep talk @taylorswift13 . Your fans are amazing!

I'm so sad seeing the popularity of Trump. Comforting fearful people with hateful ideology does not "unify" anything. Only love does that.

May we all be so lucky... thank you Broadway for an unforgettable ride.

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The like a girl campaign is flawless. THANK YOU @Always  #LikeAGirl