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National Security Correspondent, The New York Times Author of Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power (2012)

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Trump’s Intervention in Huawei Case Would Be Legal, but Bad Precedent, Experts Say via @nytimes ⁦@tackettdc⁩ ⁦@charlie_savage⁩ https://t.co/aWZQMsGPg6
Just to be clear it was one year and six days between these tweets. Today: .. “He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough..”.
Dec 1, 2017:https://t.co/SHGFonk6Nx
Look who is back! Get well soon, General.
I understand ’s concern. But Khashoggi case, like the Iraq War justifications in 2003, is an example of leaks designed keep policy makers honest. Were it not for a free press doing its job, the administration would have buried the conclusions about MBS.https://t.co/bckuSBku1K
Don’t miss this Times video, narrated by the great . George H.W. Bush: A Life of Public Service via https://t.co/UPShKWxTsP
More evidence that while the two leaders “fell in love” in Singapore, some things in North Korea remain unchanged nearly 6 months later: Nukes and gulags. https://t.co/JPHSUOXv0I
Did a Real Estate Project Influence Trump’s View of Russia Sanctions? https://t.co/64AfTDSJDt
Trump’s 2016 Case for Easing Russia Sanctions Gains New Relevance After Cohen Plea via @NYTimes https://t.co/fFgZZ38YAD
With , a look at what happened following President Obama's 2015 agreement with President Xi to halt Chinese cybertheft of American intellectual property. It worked -- until Chinese intelligence groups took up where the PLA left off. https://t.co/kCHwnEVzOf
Oh, my. And second day in a row he has been asked about greenhouse gas and talked about clean air and water.
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