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National Security Correspondent, The New York Times Author of Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power (2012)

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Before Jamal Khashoggi disappeared, the White House and the Saudis had a plan: Cut off Iran’s oil exports, while the Kingdom pumped out more to make up the difference. That, of course, would enrich the Kingdom, right as Congress calls for harsh sanctions. https://t.co/cL6UsHL0uW
That’s a lot of flying for a 15 minute meeting.
POTUS reaction is fascinating. When @maggieNYT and I interviewed him in campaign he was still admiring of “the generals” because he thought they conveyed toughness. Now he is focused on whether they are Dems or Repubs. Reminder: Obama kept Bush’s defense secretary for 2 years.https://t.co/5Y8vB3OHYN
@davidgura @dcexaminer @Joelmentum @nytimes @MarkLandler @comra @EricSchmittNYTdewong Tha @davidguranks to , a talented and original journalist, for pointing this out. It would be interesting to h @dcexaminerear the explanation.
In the desperate moments of Vietnam, Gen Westmoreland wanted nuclear weapons at hand in case he was losing at Khe Sanh. ⁦@BeschlossDC⁩ found the evidence researching his magisterial “Presidents of War,” out on Tuesday. https://t.co/0TWimydCTF
The talented @kylieatwood is the sole reporter on this trip. We’re all grateful she will be providing her great reporting. But the State Depart. needs to get back to regular order: a full press contingent on all important secstate travel. It sends a vital message around world.https://t.co/YHyURixMSn
Mohammad Javad Zarif is always interesting....Iranian Official Says Oil Deal With Europeans Is Close Despite Threat of U.S. Sanctions via @nytimes https://t.co/GMDtE3yDco
When I wrote this story about Rokkasho, a quarter century ago, the project was already 10 years late. Things move slow in Japan.... https://t.co/cBTRIeCiP5https://t.co/vkywzgZjTs
The Trump Admin. took a step toward creating some deterrence in cyberspace by easing some of the restrictions on how, when and why the US goes on the offense. But as I argued in “The Perfect Weapon,” that only works if you make the strategy public. https://t.co/3CpLTZkJRJ
First power grids, then Stuxnet, then Sony, then the presidential elections. I could handle all those. But this is going too far..... #ThePerfectWeaponhttps://t.co/nWgpd33xzs
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