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Hamish Investigates / Government Waste / Buying Water

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The Ivy League educated US Senator whose father was a bank president and who clerked for a supreme court justice is still out here trying to pretend he’s not welcome in the DC club he is an elite member of.

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2 students at the University of Connecticut were filmed repeatedly saying the n-word outside student housing, allegedly as part of a "game." After outcry over the school's handling of racism, campus police arrested them on misdemeanor charges. They face up to 30 days in jail.

Opinion: We license lawyers and teachers. Why not politicians?

Nor was he “defending Missouri.” He was pretending to be outraged by an op ed that claimed workers for a federal agency could not afford to pick up their lives and move to a different state, and officials who made the move knew that and consciously used that to gut the agency.

#WATCH Karnataka: Elephants who took part in the parade during #Dasara  festival in Mysuru, were seen playing football yesterday, after they were shifted to Dubare Elephant Camp* in Kodagu district.

The US Postal Service announces that it will honor late journalist Gwen Ifill with a forever stamp.

Sen. Dick Durbin: "I think it is racially charged and insensitive. You know, the talk about lynchings in this circumstance -- this president is being subjected to the Constitution and the laws of the land. That’s a far cry from a lynching."

Non-Trump news that is super important. Check out this reporting: Fifty years after Native Americans occupied Alcatraz Island, tribes across the country continue to celebrate the protest and the heritage it fought to protect. By & @jeligon  @Josue_Foto 

MPs voting now on second reading - whether to allow the Brexit deal to be debated and voted on by MPs - seems this stage will get thro, which is a win of sorts for No 10, but it's the timetable vote afterwards, the programme motion, that really matters

The plan to lift protections for the fish would be a victory for a wealthy group of California farmers and may intensify ethics concerns about Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, who lobbied for those farmers just months before he joined the administration