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Sandra Sully
christmas island plan needs explaining plibersek
Christmas Island Plan Needs Explaining: Plibersek
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ABC News
@ABC 3 hours
new sen chuck schumer attempts to pass non binding resolution seeking public release of mueller report sen mcc
NEW: Sen. Chuck Schumer attempts to pass non-binding resolution seeking public release of Mueller report.

Sen. McConnell objects “in order to allow the special counsel and the Justice Department to finish—finish—their careful, professional review."
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Press Association
mps have approved a cross party brexit amendment which allows parliament to seize control of the commons agend
#Breaking MPs have approved a cross-party Brexit amendment which allows Parliament to seize control of the Commons agenda to hold a series of indicative votes by 329 votes to 302, majority 27
The Independent
foreign minister alistair burt and health minister steve brine have resigned
Foreign Minister Alistair Burt and Health Minister Steve Brine have resigned
Mirror Breaking News
breaking theresa may loses control of brexit after parliament seizes the reigns
BREAKING Theresa May loses control of Brexit after Parliament seizes the reigns
BBC Newsnight
essentially weve seen mps vote to take priority over government business its a parliamentary massacre says for
“Essentially we’ve seen MPs vote to take priority over government business, it’s a parliamentary massacre,” says former Brexit minister Suella Braverman, adding tonight’s vote is a “depressing development”

@SuellaFernandes | #newsnight
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Lou Dobbs
@LouDobbs 41 minutes
joe digenova i am so happy for the american media empire tried to destroy amp made fools of themselves the pe
#NoCollusion – Joe diGenova: I am so happy for @realDonaldTrump. The American media empire tried to destroy @POTUS & made fools of themselves. The performance of CNN & MSNBC is absolutely disgraceful from a journalistic point of view. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Dobbs
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air raid sirens sounding in southern israel
The Int'l Spectator
breaking israeli tanks heading towards gaza border
BREAKING: Israeli tanks heading towards Gaza border
@espnW 2 hours
stanford commit fran belibi has become a dunking sensation here s how she compares to some of the top players
Stanford commit Fran Belibi has become a dunking sensation.

Here's how she compares to some of the top @NBA players 👀
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Chad Pergram
freshmen house democrats departed the capitol on buses moments ago for a meeting in washington with president
Freshmen House Democrats departed the Capitol on buses moments ago for a meeting in Washington with President Obama
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