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Doctors Called Mom Inhumane for Not Aborting “Disabled” Twins

Docs reviewed sonogram each week and say "it looks like they are doing fine but that is going to change so you need to terminate"

They Were Born Healthy

exactly Davis, there is already law against murder
Kamala Harris and Cory Booker introduce bill to make lyching a hate crime. Then Kamala's friend Jussie Smollett fakes his own lynching. Blames MAGA hat wearing white males when in fact it was Nigerians hired by Smollett.

Yep...dirty Democrat politics as usual.

Killed Because of their Christian Faith:

ISIS attempted to persuade 21 men to deny Jesus in return for their lives. They all refused. In fact, during the beheading the men repeated the words, “Lord Jesus Christ.”

#Persecution #Christian
Brilliant (yes sarcasm) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cost 1000s of her constituents a job. She actually thought NY was going to write Amazon a $3 billion check. How on earth did she graduate college?:

@coratagge @sgtmortarh @BettyBoopDoopero @FieryChica @GretchenInOKp @EmersenLeee @MMaggio081 @PubliclyPrivat10 you feel better soon! chicken soup and a hot toddy
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now has a Netflix movie and her boyfriend added to her staff. Didnt take her long to figure out how to be the swamp.

And like all good socialist leaders she knows rules are for the masses. The power and dollars are for the elite.

RT @codeofvets: Please honor Bella with a beautiful farewell. Our Recon Marine and his son will carry her in their hearts from this day for…
Yeah, they FELT THE NEED because they voted for Hillary and was angry because she lost. Keep up Joe

The Most Relevant

Dear Barack and Michelle Obama,

You are no longer president and first lady. Please shut up!!

Every American who shares this tweet
Rashida Tlaib of Michigan Committed Election Fraud.

She registered to vote with a false address and represented a state House district in which she did not reside. Michigan state reps are required by law to live in the district they represent.
True character is what people do when they think no one is watching:

A United States Marine, who now drives a FedEx truck, stopped to fold an American flag after winds knocked it to the ground.

This is what #KeepAmericaGreat
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John O. Brennan did not have a problem revoking Kris Paronto securty clearance for telling truth about Benghazi

Now we are supposed to care that Brennan can no longer use security clearance status as political cachet on CNN and MSNBC and NYTimes?

Nope...dont care.

Schiff, if you want investigate Trump personal finances then we want your finance records.....And Nancy Pelosi and Feinstein and Blumenthal and Warner.

AND we are still waiting for names of congress who paid out taxpayer money to settle sexual accusations.

#WomensMarch change your name to Progressive Women March. You do not represent all women, you do not represent me

The FBI should investigate Michael Avenatti, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, Mazie Hirono, Chris Coons, Kamala Harris, Richard Blumenthal, Dick Durbin

and see what their ties are to Soros money funding false claims against Kavanaugh

Follow the money
Obama blamed Bush for everything that went wrong for the 8 year of his presidency.

Now he is trying to take credit for the booming economy Trump has created

He seems to think the American people are stupid

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