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Birthday breakfast for The Magic Man!!! Grits, Biscuits & Salmon Croquettes on da Med!HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BAYBRUH‼️🎶🎂👊🏾#nyachtdoingamuhfuhkkinthang#yachtybynaturefloatingcookout @ Littoria,… https://t.co/vjD5VkT2kg
As many times as I’ve been to this town, I never noticed this place! Naaaaaaash, it’s got to be new or maybe I’m just Not as observant as I think. Anyhow.... thinking about it is too much… https://t.co/OFvvY7rq6D
Been on the move today in a very casual way. No disturbances in the yachtyverse, still doing Nothing.#nyachtdoingamuhfuhkkinthang#yachtybynaturefloatingcookout @ Forte dei Marmi https://t.co/HmhgRPNWFh
Found this setup on the upper deck & couldn’t for the life of me figure out what this had to do with my plan to do absolutely nothing today. Maybe If I go back downstairs & look at where… https://t.co/7CeUpoYiTt
Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson arguing. https://t.co/mU942YSN1M via @YouTube It was an Honor to work with this Genius! RIP BERNIE MAC👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
Having a lil’ weather outchere. Time to try that old school rain on the roof sleep inducer, got a lil’ boat rock to go with that. I’m byacht to get it… https://t.co/7VVwB5ri8i
Prolly pretty dope to be a kid in sailing camp. Been seeing a few lil’ sailors in the mornings while I attend Chill Camp.#nyachtdoingamuhfuhkkinthang#yachtybynaturefloatingcookout @ Isle… https://t.co/Is52F2NhdG
Okay, got up & did a lil’ something this morning, but got right back to maximum nada immediately!!#nyachtdoingamuhfuhkkinthang#yachtybynaturefloatingcookout @ Golfe de Saint-Tropez https://t.co/c0VQIYKkoZ
Redefining da Portofino Hood! The Harvey’s, The Johnson’s & Us! Doing nothing as a community project.#nyachtdoingamuhfuhkkinthang#yachtybynaturefloatingcookout @ Portofino https://t.co/q9jw1hBaAs
Overwhelmingly beautiful!! Even when there’s no sand a day at the beach is necessary!!!#nyachtdoingamuhfuhkkinthang#yachtybynaturefloatingcookout @ Cinque Terre https://t.co/hQ2iolD1VX
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