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Met the amazing Stacey Abrams, gubernatorial candidate for Georgia!! She’s the truth!! Georgians, Start Voting Now, don’t wait till November!!The numbers she gets now, let’s her know what… https://t.co/Q6aAZGCfVF
Okay y’all, get on this & go pick someone else up!! Go to a senior citizens facility or home & make that call for them. Pass this along!!! moreobs#onetacleremoved#vote @ Atlanta, Georgia https://t.co/x5BsiBZRkZ
I got lots of shit to deal with, but I don’t mind helping out @AngieCraigMN — this election is THAT important. https://t.co/byhvG2zmdC
Volunteer this fall. What the fuck are you waiting for? I’m waiting for @CZAllred’s cable guy. https://t.co/byhvG2zmdC
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Whatchoo mean you ain’t registered to vote??!! Your present & My future is at risk!!! @ #getyourshittogetherD#resistmuthafukkaouglasville, Georgia https://t.co/tmFbR5BjJB
Apologies to you Fratboys that aren’t liars & rapists, I cast that net a lil bit wide.
Funny as hell, but there’s nothing funny about his Lying Fratboy Ass!!!
If fuckin’ only!! The Joker is not just a Batman character!#theymustbefamouscauseirecogisethem @ Château de Versailles https://t.co/2a96iZN6XW
Enter the conquering heroes!! US Ryder Cup team ready to bring the Cup home again!#kickingassandtakingnames @ Ile-de-France, France https://t.co/sRuO7209Kx
From Willie Dynamite to Kojack To Broadway Roger brought class & gravitas to everything he touched! We’ve lost an Original. RIP my friend. @ Château de Versailles https://t.co/3P8U29gzEQ
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