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XFACTOR 2013 WINNER. New Album Sing My Heart Out- Out NOW! Management: @ChampionsCeleb

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You’ve made my boys life! He has laughed so much he said his belly hurts xxx love you guys x
@bryony_corrigan @mischiefcomedyHe loves it! This is the only show he has been too where he hasn’t asked if there is WiFi in the theatre!! And believe me that speaks volumes!!! @mischiefcomedy @playgoeswrong
WOW!! What a show!!! I couldn’t hear much of it as my son was laughing so loud next to me!!’ He’s had the best night at haversham manor with this talented bunch!!! If you haven’t seen any of the @mischiefcomedy shows then you’re missin out! GET BOOKED! You won’t be disappointed!
Gutted he’s not able to appear tonight!!! 😂 @mischiefcomedy
@staceyclayxx happy birthday Stacey x have a wonderful day xx
So excited to be watching @playgoeswrong tonight with my son!!! He is going to laugh his little socks off!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @mischiefcomedy

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@Louis_Tomlinson the question is, what did we find so shocking!! Lol great to see you Hun x
Why on earth is the story about little alfie evens not top of the list on all news on social media!! @Alfiesarmy16 😡
OMG!!! You just got rid of the best singer in the competition!! I don't get it!!
Sam Bailey gave birth to her third child, a beautiful baby girl, at 10.41am this morning. Both Mother and baby are doing well. Team Sam x
Guys! Let's get these boys to the top of the charts!!! They really deserve it!! @StereoKicks LOVE U GUYS X
Thank you to everyone who supported me. I can't believe it! Hope I do you proud with this xxx
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