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Danish PM says she is surprised that the US president canceled his visit over refusal to sell Greenland.

#WATCH P Chidambaram taken away in a car by CBI officials. #Delhi 

US moves to abolish migrant custody limits so children can be detained indefinitely

More than one and a half soccer fields of Amazon rainforest are being destroyed every minute of every day, according to Brazil's National Institute for Space Research

How would Americans react if Putin floated the idea of buying Alaska or Abe suggested that Japan should buy Hawaii? Please stop with the idiotic, 'buying Greenland is actually a really good idea.' Its an insulting, ridiculous idea, compounded in lunacy by cancelling the trip.

March For Our Lives organizers have unveiled a gun control plan. It calls for: • Halving gun deaths over 10 years • Higher standards for gun ownership • Enacting red flag laws The group says its plan could prevent 200,000 gun deaths over 10 years.

Many who track hate crimes see a connection between President Trump’s ugly political rhetoric, aimed at immigrants and people of color, and what has been unleashed in communities across the country

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@Femi_Sorry  tells Sky News it would be "laughably undemocratic" for Boris Johnson to pull the UK out of the EU without a deal. But @Tom_Slater_  says a recent poll suggests a no-deal Brexit is the preferred choice over remaining in the bloc.

"Titanic is returning to nature" Parts of the wreck are now deteriorating rapidly [Tap to expand]

It's been almost a year since Sen. John McCain died of brain cancer. To mark the anniversary, his wife Cindy McCain is asking Americans to engage in acts of civility. "We're missing John's voice of reason right now in so many ways," she says.