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President Trump on Saturday wore a mask in public for the first time, after months of resistance. He wore the mask after repeated urging from aides that it was a necessary message to send to Americans.

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This is senseless. Aldo is done. Stop the fight.

It's becoming apparent that senior figures within the Black Lives Matter movement are more concerned about ending capitalism and democracy and the nuclear family than they are about ending racism, according to Sky News host @pwafork .

Pelosi plans legislation to limit pardons, commutations after Roger Stone move

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29-28 for Yan after 3. Another amazing battle.

New York City began equipping its police officers with body-worn cameras a few years ago. To look into complaints about NYPD abuses, investigators need to get the footage. But increasingly, the NYPD is not turning it over.

ENOUGH. What the heck. He’s turtled up.

Worldwide, Sikh temples, also known as Gurdwaras, offer free meals to anyone who shows up. Known as Langar, it's a tenet of faith and a key part of the Sikh religion, which emphasizes a concept of selfless service to the community at large.

Can I just say, I love nights like this. Special nights when it feels like the sport transcends the MMA bubble and everyone is talking UFC/MMA, even people who never talk MMA. It’s great to see, especially when the fights deliver.