Dems / Constitution President

I asked @costareports  about what cards Dems have to play in light of the president refusing to commit to honoring the election results: "They have several cards to play, most notably the Constitution. This is not President Trump's decision or any president's decision." @MSNBC 

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Dems / Constitution President

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Today Pres Trump earned the endorsements of Lil Wayne AND Jack Nicklaus. Now that’s some range...

I for one do not believe Lil Wayne's endorsement is close to the most striking Trump/Tunechi moment of the last decade, which would be in 2013 when Donald tweeted a weirdly deep-cut Wayne verse and then said his account had been "seriously hacked"

The world shld calm down & read @syg__malaysia  statement in its full context. I'm sure he didn't mean exactly what he said. And even if he did, it's his personal opinion not Malaysia's. In meantime, some1 shld take away all his social media accounts before he does more damage.

Google revenues bounce back in Q3 after Q2's decline, up 14% YoY. $GOOGL Data via @ycharts 

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Disputes between app developers and the Apple store are heating up. Here’s why companies like Epic Games, Spotify and Tinder are at odds with App Store rules. #WSJWhatsNow 

Coronavirus latest: Texas Covid deaths jump by the most in three weeks

Millions of Americans are mailing in ballots for the 2020 election — but some common mistakes that could keep their votes from counting. Bloomberg's @ryanbeckwith  tells us which things you need to triple check before dropping your ballot in the mail

Arrests going down at King 5 Media in Seattle. Cuffed 👀

19 candidates who have at some point expressed support for QAnon have won nominations around the country, exclusively for the Republican Party.