I couldn’t hide a mix tape or a bottle of Zima in my sock drawer w/o my mom digging it up. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? During his arrest, officials found 10k rounds of ammo,25 guns, machete &camouflaged clothing, officials say-In his bedroom-in his father’s home

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This didnt age well... a Foot Doctor in Bakersfield.Average per capita income of $27,000 @Adrian_H ⁩ @MUNDASPORTS ⁩ $MDXG

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Economic fatigue around the world is raising concerns that a long global expansion could be coming to an end

The bond world is on high alert over Treasuries that are "frickin' expensive"

The markets in general are extremely quiet … with 92.8% of them in neutral territory.

“Savarkar openly advocated brutal retaliatory violence against Muslims and reclaiming of Hindu spaces; a course followed by the Hindutva hordes during the Ram Mandir movement and after the demolition of the Babri Masjid.” Violence & democracy?

More than 30 of the world’s biggest companies signed on to an agreement saying that rising inequality is the “defining challenge of our time"

Tensions Between Communities Reach 'Boiling Point' Over Electricity in Port Elizabeth @GroundUp_News  : #SouthAfrica 

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The possibility of a global recession is upon us, but central bankers lack the tools to fight one, Adam Posen argues.