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@ArtisteTweets The extremes are mad at the middle
The middle should be the place of open minds & compromise
Now it’s the person everyone is mad at
Thank you so much
Tribalism In The Age of Trump...this is worth reading, especially as we consider how it is causing the middle to disappear & what a dangerous reality that is https://t.co/rinOURvG3m
Get ready @KatyTurNBC ... sounds like we’ve got a European assignment next Spring.
Reminder, social media’s sole purpose is NOT to critique & attack. It’s also here to honor & celebrate.
Congratulations to my friend & neighbor . His perfor@alrokermance in is an absol@WaitressMusicalute delight.
Al makes the sun come out on Broadway.
If one believes decency is a guiding principle for our leaders...
It is entirely possible to find both a Republican & Democratic President’s conduct towards women unacceptable.
Abusing power is not unique to a political party or industry.
This is going to need a bit more attention....
Does this count as being “totally shafted”?
Crypto currency warning signs were everywhere
Can investors really claim they were duped?
Those looking for outsized returns with their investing dollars, must know there is outsized risk
@ReformedBroker Drop off
Pick up
Drop off
Pick up
Highlight of my day - avoided a brutal checkout line at @MichaelsStores by 40 seconds
Shake Shack https://t.co/KB
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