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It was the 7year old girl’s fault?
Six years ago today, 26 lives were cut too short due to a preventable, senseless tragedy. We have a lot of work left to do.. but it all starts with an open heart. We never know what those around us are going through #openhearts #openminds @sandyhook https://t.co/EqSmLkHcPZ
.@JohnKasich: “I need to seize the moment and I need to do something significant and positive. We all do...all of us need to seize the moment so we never look back & say why didn’t we lead a more impactful, positive life.”

Today marks 6 years since the horrific shooting in Sandy Hook that claimed 26 lives.

6 years since we said “never again.”

Yet, a new CDC report shows that U.S. gun deaths have reached their highest level in 40 years.

NOW is the time for change.

Do these latest comments by the president’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, destroy Trump’s defense once and for all?

@KenDilanianNBC, @Tom_Winter, @harrlitman & brea@CevallosLawk it down.

Michael Cohen claims he is “done with the lying”, saying that President Trump knew about hush money payments and knew they were wrong.

Here are the latest revelations from the president’s former lawyer.

There’s always good news somewhere!

You voted! Here’s your pick.

After Roman McConn's family adopted a rescue dog, he took to the internet to help other rescues find homes.

Check out the impact this 7-year-old has already made.

There’s still time! Head to the @MSNBC page to vote for the good news story YOU want to hear today! #GoodNewsRUHLES
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2- & I realize we must demand answers as to why this happened... but before or in-addition-to that, her death is a reminder that there are more children suffering.
Try to find a way to help someone today.
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