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Mother of 3. Wife of 1. American Dream Believer, Costume Enthusiast & Curious Human...Weekend TODAY Show co-anchor & MSNBC Anchor weekdays 9AM

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We’re live now from #SXSW in #AustinTX. @VelshiRuhle @MSNBC
Well, i never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Compassion & respect are paramount.
As a reporter, a mom & a Catholic, I know words matter & I want to clear something up.
I meant no offense when discussing ’s WH ap@larry_kudlowpointment. I apologize if my comments came off as dismissive of his faith.
I would never question another person’s believe in God.
Something on a lot of our minds.... How to Raise A Sweet Son In An Era of Angry Men
@iberealcool1 @profgalloway @BloombergTV @ErikSchatzker @pimmfox @tomkeene & given how useless I am, it mean so much that you would take the time to tweet me. Sincere thanks.
Mattis, Kissinger, George Shultz....
Hahaha! @profgalloway - @BloombergTV might be happier since the quadruplets left for college: more food in the fridge, no missing $20-bills from the junk drawer & way less laundry. But I’ll always miss & @ErikSchatzker @pimmfoxxo @tomkeenehttps://t.co/TYwZZ8Yl0r
Corporate Tax cuts.... sold as a win for workers!
Not these workers. Who will help retrain those losing their jobs? US Govt? Corp America? https://t.co/de6k8WXt3g
On his quest to prove #FAKENEWS...looks like @realDonaldTrump won’t fire anyone at this very moment, “proving” the media was wrong.
CableTV makeup rooms know the scoop. They had to work some eye-makeup magic this AM. Reporters were talking to WH insiders all-night-long. #unglued
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