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Heads up- should be crossing around 1AM EST Jared Kushner gave an interview to Alqudz -local Palestinian newspaper.

Reminder - Palestinian leadership refused to meet with Kushner
To every parent sitting on a couch with an aching back from a morning of bike riding lessons... allow me to solve your pain 👇
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I was on my way to a parent-teacher conference when I got the call to head to Texas.
I Spent 36 Hours on the Border. This Is What I Saw. @AndreaStanley �� @MSNBC @TODAYshow https://t.co/3PrZGfMsZZ via @Cosmopolitan
Thank you for sharing my story #girlpower #togetherwerise
Powerful in-depth story of a mother whose son was taken from her on his sixth birthday, via ⁦@hannahrappp⁩ on the ground in El Paso ⁦@NBCNews⁩ https://t.co/Zx3dD3QLzD
Thank you @DrHabibSadeghi!! A little clarity goes a long way #lovebutton @NBCNewsBETTER https://t.co/nwcoh08Lur
The week’s not over yet, but wanted to thank you for watching our “Child Separation” coverage on @MSNBC
The feedback & support has been overwhelming
Honored to be in texas with my colleagues @chrislhayes @jacobsoboroff @marianaatencio@GadiNBC@Lawrence@perrycal@craigmelvin
A Pastor from McAllen, TX says he trusts elected officials to do the right thing because they are ministers of God.

Others question the authenticity of photos from border holding facilities.

Check out more on religion & the border battle.

There’s always good news somewhere!

A town in Oklahoma made Myda Lewis’ dream come true by holding a parade for her 107th birthday.

700 migrant children who were separated from their parents at the border are being housed in NY.

@NYGovCuomo: “I’m actually trying to find out from HHS where they put the children in my state...because HHS won’t tell us where they put the children.”
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