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From a political and economic standpoint, 2019 was a challenging and interesting year for Latin America, but the region still finished strong, with the S&P Latin America 40 up 13.9% for the year. Learn more in the Latin America Equity Indices Scorecard.

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Latin America / Learn Latin America Equity / Indices Scorecard

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Happy Sunday morning! Donald Trump just accused Adam Schiff of leaking the intelligence that Russia was working to help Bernie Sanders. With no evidence!

White House chief of staff #MickMulvaney  caught on tape saying US is ‘DESPERATE FOR MORE IMMIGRANTS ’! He goes on to explain in detail...

Why Charles Schwab is letting customers trade for free, even when it costs them money ➡️

T. R. U. T. H. We are desperate — DESPERATE — for MORE people,” Mulvaney said, according to the post, stressing that it SHOULD BE LEGAL. “We are running out of people to FUEL the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last FOUR years. We need MORE IMMIGRANTS.”

“There’s no guarantee that Amazon can be a successful company. What we’re trying to do is very complicated,” Jeff Bezos said in 1999. “Scale is important to us and we’re going to go after that kind of scale.”

Periodic expression of gratitude to honest conservatives, including @justinamash  and @SenatorRomney , who refused to join the thugs.

Here’s CNBC’s latest on trying to get young traders tossed into prison.

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Behind Trump's India visit, there is a larger purpose of conveying to Beijing and the Islamic world that the US has India’s back

From @WSJopinion : Actor-director Clint Eastwood, 89, weighs in on Bloomberg, Trump, #MeToo  and the dispute over a reporter’s depiction in his latest film.

Tesler, who was 74, invented a user interface while at @Xerox  PARC that most of us rely on each day -- by @jonnyevans_cw .