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So Vlady Jr. just walked by us with an entourage .... wearing his fathers Expos jersey. God bless him.

Jerry Howarth announced his retirement on our show today. Let’s get #ThankYourJerry  trending

Just not a fan of selling low - especially with no financial pressure. Don't like it at all. Sorry.

No corporate boundaries with mental health. Need help? Don't be afraid to get it. You have more friends than you realize #BellLetsTalk 

Not sure the lads are done. Scout tells me Dickey in play.

After another day of watching Trump pee down his own leg, let’s all give thanks that we're too smart to elect a right-wing populist of limited intellectual capacity with legal issues living off Daddy’s money ...

I'll say this: J.A Happ is one of the most gracious athletes I've encountered in almost 40 years in the biz. I will be openly cheering for him this postseason, without apology.

Oh, one other thing NBA peeps: take your asterisks and shove them up your ass. Thanks