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IMLAY's 3rd EP album 'DYSTOPIA' will be released on FEB. 19! Meet IMLAY's upgraded music world via this album, raising anticipatoin with WayV YANG YANG's featuring! 😎 #IMLAY  #임레이 #DYSTOPIA  #디스토피아 #YANGYANG  #양양

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Meet / Wayv

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#WINNER  3rd FULL ALBUM [Remember] CONCEPT VIDEO #2  3rd FULL ALBUM ‘Remember’ ✅2020.04.09 6PM 📺NAVER TV: 🎬YouTube: #Wemember_Remember  #위너 #3rdFullAlbum  #Remember  #ConceptVideo_Ver2  #AlbumRelease  #20200409_6pm  #YG 

Calling on those working from home––we’re giving away a Razer WFH Starter Pack to make sure you have all the essentials to work hard... and play hard. Here’s how to enter: ✅Follow us ✅Retweet this post ✅Comment below on how you stay focused at home

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Hey all you cool cats and kittens! If you’ve finished Tiger King and have found yourself in full "Where Are They Now?" detective mode, we’re going to save you several hours and tell you what’s happening with some of the major players (THREAD):

OANN reporter once again standing in back of WH Briefing in defiance of social distancing requirements set in place by @whca . OANN is in the rotation of reporters who get to attend briefings but seem to think they get to play by different rules & put safety at risk. #COVID ー19

“I think the severity … it is so contagious. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this,” President Trump says when asked what changed his thinking about the coronavirus, which he previously compared to the flu. “The flu has never been like that,” he adds.

"If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war... We are not ready for the next epidemic." Who issued that warning in 2015?

Five years ago today Young Thug dropped this BANGER🔥🔥

Pres. Trump has gone from *literally cancelling* the regular White House press briefing, before this outbreak, to trying to jam promotion of other topics into the allotted time for the virus briefing.

More tragic news regarding rock artists and #coronavirus  : Adam Schlesinger @fountainsofwayn ⁩ has passed away at 52. Band was named after a lawn & garden store in NJ. Incredibly sad. Condolences to fans, friends, family. RIP Adam. Wow..

omg so excited to have @superm  on All That this Saturday