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#NCT's new reality show ‘Hot&Young Seoul Trip’ is coming!
JOHNNY, MARK, LUCAS, WINWIN, KUN, and YUTA will present hidden charms of Seoul on the show, so please stay tuned!

📺Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11AM KST via ‘Visit Seoul’ website & YouTube channel from July 23rd
China’s Huanqiu highlights SM Entertainment’s new exhibition/entertainment experience space ‘SMTOWN MUSEUM’!
‘A star museum located in Seoul, Korea, is full of Korean Wave’


이번 주 SMTOWN에서는 무슨 일이??🔍
👉"!tssue(잇슈)"에서 확인해보세요👀

#SMTOWN #weekly #itssue #2018년7월2주
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NCT’s MARK mesmerized the viewers with his pure and adorable charms on MBC’s variety show ‘It’s Dangerous Outside’!

#NCT #MARK #마크
Check out f(x) LUNA’s various charms on her own YouTube channel ‘Luna’s Alphabet’ Season 4!
You can see how LUNA will complete her self-composed song ‘Even if we part ways’ on today’s episode at 8PM KST, so stay tuned!

👀 https://t.co/ynDGOK9W4a

#fx #LUNA #루나 #루나의알파벳의알파벳
SM Entertainment’s culture street brand ‘ASTELL&ASPR’ is collaborating with Singapore sneaker brand ‘YSNEAKERS’ and will launch limited special edition sneakers designed by Girls’ Generation and EXO-CBX in August!

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Lee Yeon Hee proved that she is a hard worker on her reality show ‘SumChongSa2’!

📺’섬총사2’ (’SumChongSa2’) : Every Monday at 11PM KST via Olive & tvN channel

KANGTA, the 25th DJ of MBC FM’s ‘The Starry Night’, to have his last day as a DJ today.
Please look forward to his transformation into a musical actor in this coming August as well!

#KANGTA #강타 #별이빛나는밤에
An actress Lee Yeon Hee is keep mesmerizing the viewers with her lovely charms!
Stay tuned for more fun episodes in various islands!

📺’SumChongSa2’ : Every Monday at 11PM KST via Olive & tvN channel

A music talk concert ‘#THE_STATION’ unveiled the lineup for the first performance!
Please look forward to the stages of BAEKHYUN, TEN, PENOMECO, and a MC JANG YOON JU!

📆 2018.07.21. 4PM KST / 7PM KST
🎫 Ticket Sale Date : 2018.07.04. 8PM KST via YES24
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