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Putin: Scientists Killed In "Mystery" Radiological Blast Were Developing "Unparalleled" Weapon

Castro had his best fundraising night of the month, beating what he received following the two previous debates. - @NBCLatino 

It would be tragic if Gotabaya Rajapaksa undermined his achievement by inflaming the divisions of the past

Labour’s 2017 manifesto was its most left-wing platform since the 1980s. The 2019 version goes further

@MattyPGood  @uspiegellMe , watching Forrest Gump as a kid: OMG these filmmakers as actually think America would send mentally handicapped people to fight in a war, and they think that would be beautiful and patriotic Me as an adult, reading online about Project 100,000: oh fuck

2/ Wait, it gets better. For preparing, but not signing the 10-K, Borkowski gets, make sure you're sitting down, $3.95MM. For context, he took the job for a $500K annual salary and 60% target bonus. In his best year, Petit as CEO took home $900K cash comp and $3MM total comp

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liquidation of all btps is a start. fottetevi

Why is it “radical” when Labour proposes nationalizing basic utilities but not when conservatives privatize them? We’re drowning in crackpot half-thinking and that’s a prime example.

The truly “radical” agenda was the one that American and British conservatives enacted, of ubiquitous privatization and extreme austerity, which destroyed both societies’ prosperity in record time.